What Is A Pony Rod?


If you are like most people, then a pony rod may sound like something you would use to direct ponies at a party or something similar, but it is actually an important component in pumps. These rods are under a lot of stress inside of the pumps and need to be made of quality materials. Here are a couple of things you should know about pony rods in Weatherford TX.

What Do They Do?


Pony rods are used in the oil industry for their pumps. The purpose of a pony rod is to connect the surface components of an oil well pump to the downhole components. This is essential for removing oil from the well. This makes it work in a similar way to connecting rods in a car engine. This is because it is transferring the circular movement from the surface unit into a reciprocating movement for the pump.

Threaded Rod Ends

Because the pony rod is used to connect components at the surface and deep inside of the well it needs to be threaded to allow it to easily be connected and put into place.


Pony rods are used in extreme conditions, so it makes sense that they would be built using quality materials and standards. Pony rods are made to AISI 1530 MOD standards and are usually available in3/4, 7/8, and one-inch versions for strength. This is needed to make sure the rod is not going to deform or bend during use. These rods are 25 to 30 feet long, so they could easily get bent if quality control is lacking.

Pony rods are a vital component to oil drilling and are needed for oil extraction. They are made to high standards and are made of high-quality materials to keep them from bending under stress. Without pony rods, you would not have the gas to get to the pony party.

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