Australian health workers to close intensive care units in Victoria next week

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Members of Australia’s Health Services Union (HSU) will go on strike in Victoria next week in a dispute over stalled wage and career structure negotiations. Over 5000 physiotherapists, speech pathologists and radiation therapists will walk off the job next week, effectively closing the state’s 68 largest health services.

The strike will force the closure of intensive care units and emergency departments across the state.

It is feared the strike could continue into Easter.

National secretary of the HSU, Kathy Jackson said admissions would be crippled, while intensive care patients would have to be evacuated to New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia as hospitals will not be able to perform tests or administer treatment.

“When an ambulance shows up you can’t admit a patient without an X-ray being available, you can’t intubate them and you can’t operate on them,” she said.

“If something goes wrong in an ICU you need to be able to X-ray, use nuclear medicine or any diagnostic procedure,” said Ms Jackson.

Ms Jackson said the HSU offered arbitration last year, but the state government refused. “They’re not interested in settling disputes, they hope that we are just going to go away.”

“We’re not going away, we’ve gone back and balloted the whole public health workforce in Victoria, those ballots were successful, 97 percent approval rating,” she said.

The HSU is urging the government to commence serious negotiations to resolve the dispute before industrial action commenced.

The government has offered the union a 3.25 per cent pay increase, in line with other public sector workers but the union has demanded more, but stopped short of specifying a figure.

Victorian Premier John Brumby said the claim would be settled according to the government’s wages policy. “The Government is always willing and wanting to sit down and negotiate with the relevant organisations . . . we have a wages policy based around an increase of 3.25 per cent and, above that, productivity offset,” he told parliament.

The union claims it is also arguing against a lack of career structure, which has caused many professionals to leave the health service. Ms Jackson said wages and career structures in Victoria were behind other states.

Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said he was not in support of the proposed strike and called on the government to meet with unions. “There could not be a more serious threat to our health system than has been announced today.”

“We now have to do whatever is possible to stop this strike from proceeding,” he said.

The opposition leader will meet with the union at 11:30 AM today.

Victorian Hospitals Industry Association industrial relations services manager Simon Chant said hospitals were looking at the possible impact and warned that patients may have to be evacuated interstate if the strike goes ahead.


Two New Zealand men ran illegal text lottery

Friday, August 18, 2006

Two New Zealand men, Richard Stuart Hayes and Troy Jonathon Elliot, have been convicted of running an illegal mobile text based competition after 27 winners did not receive the car prizes. The pair were found guilty yesterday in a decision reached by Judge Nicola Mathers in Auckland District Court, following a February hearing.

The two convicts, whose names were suppressed until yesterday, are the directors of the company which ran the ‘TxtDrive’ competition in March 2004, the Watch and Win Company. The company had hoped to gain a profit of NZ$2.5 million, but due to lack of interest and entrants they could not afford to honour the daily prizes as they had only raised $414,595.

“I am satisfied that the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has proved to me beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Hayes and Mr Elliot organised an illegal lottery. I consider they deliberately entered into the scheme and were careless as to the legality of this novel scheme.” Judge Mathers said.

During the 27-day competition, cellphone users had to send a $0.99 text message during television adverts on TV 2 for the opportunity to win a Peugeot car a day or free products from Pizza Hut.

Settlements have been reached with the winners; only one received a car.

Hayes and Elliot argued that it was not a lottery but a sales promotion, which means it didn’t need to be licensed by the DIA.

Mark Woolford, DIA lawyer, said “Internal Affairs had to prove that the Hayes and Elliot organised the competition, that it was a lottery under the definition of the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977, and that it was not authorised as a lottery by Internal Affairs.”

A sales promotion is defined as “Any competition promoted by a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer for the purpose of promoting the sale of goods or services.” Judge Mathers said she was satisfied the TxtDrive competition was an illegal lottery.

The two men are to appear back in court on 6 October, they face either a fine of $4,000 or three months in prison under the maximum penalties.


Coping With Post Dental Extraction Concerns

Coping With Post Dental Extraction Concerns


Sean Hong

What sort of post dental extraction troubles could you face when you need to have teeth pulled? This could be one of the greatest fears that any of us have when our dentist tells us that we have to have teeth extracted. We right away think to ourselves what sort of problems am I going to have soon after this dental process? For many of us we\’ve vague, incomplete horror stories in the back of our thoughts from our childhood about dental dry sockets and unbearable discomfort soon after tooth extraction.

So what exactly is a dental dry socket and why are we so afraid of this? Well in reality we have cause to fear this dental complication. A dry socket following dental extraction is indeed a painful circumstance. It is also a condition that impacts millions of dental patients each year. This condition occurs particularly when the dental extraction is difficult and traumatic. The dry socket is actually a hole in the exposed bone that has lost blood but in which the socket left immediately after the dental extraction is also infected. The presence of infection in this condition is vital and generally forgotten when folks talk about a dry socket .

YouTube Preview Image

This dental condition is accompanied by serious pain, sensitivity to heat and cold and a foul odor coming from the presence of the infection. It takes a great deal of the dental office staff s time to deal with what may possibly be a preventable condition. So what may be completed to avoid this dental extraction complication? So what causes it? First and foremost is the absence of a enough blood provide to the alveolus. There is certainly also the presence of an already current infection complex by the use of a sizable quantity of anesthesia. As previously mentioned, this dental complication usually happens where there is a traumatic extraction as well as a follow-up infection. So you\’ve got a double infection going on. Other dental components could include excessive irrigation and loss of the blood clot. Pre-existing patient troubles may be smoking or not fantastic common wellness of the patient.

In this dental extraction complication recognized as dry socket , the patient may also experience an inflammation of the gums as well as the infection and the pain in the socket . This commonly happens with all the molars. Much of the serious pain connected using the dental dry socket is due to the nerve being exposed to air, food, drinks and so on. The blood clot that forms after the dental extraction would commonly protect the nerve from these things. In about 2-3% of all patients this blood clot is dissolved for any of a wide variety of reasons.

So what can be carried out as soon as a patient is experiencing this complication of dental extractions? For one thing the discomfort has to become addressed with pain killers and the infection has to become addressed with anti-biotics. The inflammation is typically treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Then your dental staff will clean the socket and fill it with either sterile dressing or a unique material to promote healing. Your dentist may also recommend a dental nerve block if the discomfort is severe enough to warrant it. Zinc oxide dressings are recommended as the best method for treating this dental extraction complication.

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Billy West, voice of Ren and Stimpy, Futurama, on the rough start that shaped his life

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ren and Stimpy. Bugs Bunny. Philip J. Fry and Professor Hubert Farnsworth on Futurama. Sparx. Bi-Polar Bear. Popeye the Sailor Man. Woody Woodpecker. You may not think you have ever heard Billy West, but chances are on a television program, a movie, a commercial, or as Howard Stern’s voice guru in the 1990’s, you have heard him. West’s talent for creating personalities by twisting his voice has made him one of a handful of voice actors—Hank Azaria and the late Mel Blanc come to mind—who have achieved celebrity for their talent. Indeed, West is one of the few voice actors who can impersonate Blanc in his prime, including characterizations of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and other characters from Warner Bros. cartoons.

What is the fulcrum in Mr. West’s life that led him to realize a talent to shape personalities with his voice, and how did the discovery of that gift shape him? Wikinews reporter David Shankbone found that like many great comedians, West faced more sour early in life than he did sweet. The sour came from a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father (“I could tell you the kind of night I was going to have from the sound of the key in the door or the way the car pulled up.”), to his own problems with drug and alcohol use (“There is a point that you can reach in your life where you don’t want to live, but you haven’t made the decision to die.”).

I’m telling you stuff that I never said to anybody…

If sin, suffering and redemption feel like the stages of an endless cycle of American existence, West’s own redemption from his brutalized childhood is what helped shape his gift. He performed little bits to cheer up his cowed mother, ravaged by the fact she could not stop her husband’s abuse of young West. “I was the whipping boy and she would just be reduced to tears a lot of times, and I would come in and say stuff, and I would put out little bits just to pull her out of it.”

But West has also enjoyed the sweet. His career blossomed as his talent for creating entire histories behind fictional characters and creatures simply by exploring nuance in his voice landed him at the top of his craft. You may never again be able to forget that behind the voice of your favorite character, there is often an extraordinary life.

Below is David Shankbone’s interview with renowned voice actor Billy West, who for the first time publicly talks about the horrors he faced in his childhood; his misguided search for answers in anger, drugs and alcohol; and the peace he has achieved as one of America’s most recognizable voice actors.


  • 1 The use of celebrities for voiceovers
  • 2 Iconic characters and choosing projects
  • 3 Discovering his talent
  • 4 “It was a horror chamber where I grew up”
  • 5 West moves to Boston after his parents divorce
  • 6 How West dealt with his father’s abuse
  • 7 Rehabilitation and sobriety
  • 8 Is West glad he experienced addiction?
  • 9 West on his career
  • 10 West on politics
  • 11 Billy West on modern American society
  • 12 Billy West on telling it like it is
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Staying In Orlando? Should You Live In An Apartment, Hotel Or Maybe Buy Your Own House?

Staying in Orlando? Should you live in an apartment, hotel or maybe buy your own house?


Lily Jaylen

Need to know more? Well, we have here’s list stating the benefits for buying a property in Orlando.

One thing to consider is that in a hotel you are far more removed from Orlando and the local area. A hotel room can be comfortable or even plush but it can be quite isolating and actually remove you from the culture of Orlando itself. This is really unavoidable as hotel rooms are designed in neutral colours and in a way to accommodate English and American guests. But if you take the initiative to buy your own holiday property in Orlando you can decorate it with items from the local area to suit your tastes. Your holiday home will reflect the architecture and style in Orlando.

If you travel to Orlando for work then it may make sense to buy a property specifically for the purpose of your visits for your own convenience. If travelling to Orlando for work is a common occurrence you can save money by having your own landing pad. What is more, the advantages of having your own Orlando property become more and more apparent if you don’t have a fixed schedule in Orlando or if you should need to stay on longer than expected. Aside from being great for business trips, your Orlando property could double up as a family holiday home or you might want to rent it out while you’re away so that you see a return on your investment.

YouTube Preview Image

If you have children or a big family that you’d like to take on holiday then you might like to take advantage of a property in Orlando. Having the luxury of your own villa in Orlando could be a lot more convenient and maybe in the long run less expensive. Think about it every time you have a family holiday you will have to shell out for multiple rooms – for yourselves and for the children. If you are holidaying every year, this can be quite an expense. But if you buy your personal holiday property in Orlando then you avoid paying for expensive hotel rooms for the whole family.

If you are heading towards retirement then you might be considering making the most of your twilight years. If so then a villa in Orlando could be the perfect solution. The fantastic lifestyle and the Mediterranean sun could be be the exact thing that you are looking for. Buying a villa in Orlando could be exciting as well as a welcome way of escaping from the bland UK weather. The great thing is it’s only a two hour flight away so your grandchildren can visit whenever they like. So if this sounds appealing then why not get the ball rolling by by clicking onto and look at villas in Orlando.

If you need to visit family living in Orlando then it can be frustrating when they don’t live nearby and aren’t easy to visit. On top of this, when you plan to go over there you might need to book a hotel, which might deprive you of time with family. As a result, you may want to get a villa in the area so that you can be in close proximity to family. The great thing about this is that it can be an incentive for you to visit more often.

Flights are inexpensive nowadays so the most costly thing about going abroad is arranging a hotel room, which can range in price depending on the quality of the hotel chosen. However, in the long run a villa in Orlando could save you a lot of money. If you visit Orlando many times a year then over a 10 to 15 year time period it can be more pocket friendly to purchase a property in Orlando instead of opting to stay in a hotel. This is particularly true if you incorporate how much it would set you back to get the whole family over to Orlando for a couple of weeks.

A fair few of us will agree that a hotel stay can be annoying because everything is new and the amenities and conveniences are never as good as you had hoped. Few will disagree that the luxurious experience of staying in a hotel is wonderful but your experience is never custom made or personal. Also many hotels have a formal personality, which does not appeal to everyone. However, if you choose to take a villa or property in Orlando then your stay can be informal, relaxed and just as you want it to be.

One great advantage to purchasing a property in Orlando is that it’s completely yours, which means that you can decorate and personalise the villa in whatever way you want. So if you are intent on bringing a little of England with you to Orlando then you can shape the villa to appear as similar as possible to your UK home. Or you might want to decorate the building in a design scheme to make it look like other Orlando properties. This ability to decorate in whatever way you want is something that you never have the option of doing if you stay in a hotel resort.

It should be obvious to you now if buying property in Orlando is something you want to take further or if it may be more ideal to reserve beds at a hotel.

On the

Villas in Orlando

site you will find a range of affordable Orlando villa rental options ready to lease today.

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Canadian Prime Minister Harper plays small role in television show Corner Gas

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was filming a cameo appearance on the popular sitcom Corner Gas. Corner Gas is filmed about 40 km south of Regina in the tiny farming community of Rouleau.

Harper was filmed in a scene where he was surrounded by a large group of actors playing reporters and photographers. After completing the scene, he got back into his car and a motorcade left the town, which is called Dog River on the show.

“We can’t say much about cameo appearances, because they’re supposed to be a surprise for the viewers, but yes, there was press scrum,” Corner Gas executive producer Virginia Thompson said. “That’s all I can reveal.” “It works well for the show, actually … We were told by the Prime Minister’s Office that he had a sense of humour, but we thought we would wait and see and sure enough, yeah, he delivered.”

When Paul Martin was the leader of the government, he had a cameo on the show last season. Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert has also made an appearance on the show last season.

“The prime minister was not paid for his appearance and had other reasons for coming to Saskatchewan beyond being part of the show”, said Thompson.

Reporters were kept back and not allowed to see how he performed in front of the cameras.

Harper waved goodbye to small town of Rouleau while travelling down Highway 39 away from the set after spending about 1 1/2 hours there. After, Harper planned to meet with members of his Saskatchewan caucus at a barbeque at Sherwood Forest Country Club Tuesday night. Harper is scheduled to tour the RCMP training academy in Regina today.

The episode featuring Harper will air sometime next spring.



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  • 9 September 2018: US rapper Mac Miller dies at home in Los Angeles
  • 18 August 2018: Singer Aretha Franklin, ‘queen of soul’, dies aged 76
  • 15 May 2018: Netta wins Eurovision Song Contest for Israel
  • 28 March 2018: K-pop band 100%’s lead singer Seo Minwoo dies
  • 9 February 2018: Poet, lyricist, and digital activist John Perry Barlow dies, aged 70
  • 18 January 2018: Irish rock band The Cranberries’ lead singer Dolores O’Riordan dies at 46
  • 13 December 2017: Apple, Inc. confirms acquisition of Shazam
  • 24 October 2017: Five United States ex-presidents raise relief funds at hurricane event
  • 5 October 2017: US rock artist Tom Petty dies at 66
  • 30 July 2017: British dancer and talent show winner Robert Anker dies in car accident aged 27

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News briefs: February 12, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Western Sydney rallies against government’s workplace reforms

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wikinews Australia has in-depth coverage of this issue: Australian industrial relations legislation, 2005

According to initial estimates by New South Wales police and unions, 30,000 people have rallied at Blacktown Showground in Western Sydney to protest the federal government’s Workchoices workplace reforms. Organisers had expected around 15,000 protesters to attend.

The rally at Blacktown is one of many to be held around Australia today as part of a “National Day of Action” to “protect worker’s rights at work” according to unions.

The Blacktown rally saw masses of truck drivers, construction workers, teachers and police officers carrying banners and flags signalling their discontent at the federal government’s reforms.

Many of the workers were joined by their families, chanting to the federal government “Your workplace changes have to go.”

Speaking to protesters in Western Sydney, John Robertson, secretary of Unions New South Wales said the federal government had stripped away 100 years of worker’s rights.”These laws are direct attacks on hard-working Australians who are trying to pay off a home, provide for their kids’ futures and have a bit of economic security,” Mr Robertson said.

“It’s in the suburbs and regional Australia that the impact of these laws will be felt – stripping away job security, penalty rates, time with family and wage rates.”

The NSW Premier’s department has encouraged state government employees to attend the rallies to show their anger at the workplace reforms. As such, schools are mainly providing supervision today so parents can attend rallies, with many teachers also in attendance.

Employees of Australia Post, a company wholly owned by the federal government, have been warned that unauthorised absences will result in disciplinary action being taken.

Speaking earlier today, Federal Workplace Relations Minister, Kevin Andrews said he expected most workers would not join the protests. “The reality is that most people are not going to do it because they know that we have delivered, as a government, a period of relative prosperity in Australia,” said Mr Andrews.

“Part of the way we have done that has been to have the courage to engage in the reforms so we can meet the challenges of the future.”


Chemical plant fire decimates Danvers, Massachusetts neighboorhood

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

According to outgoing Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, an explosion that was “equivalent to a 2,000 lb. bomb” and registered 0.5 on the Richter scale decimated an area of Danvers and is also a “Thanksgiving miracle.”

The explosion occurred around 2:45 am EST, this morning in the Danversport area of Danvers, Massachusetts at the plant for solvent and ink manufacturer, CAI Inc. The explosion, which was caught on security camera and was heard up to over 25-50 miles away in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

The explosion damaged over 90 homes, blowing out windows and knocking some houses off their foundations. Officials believe that some of the more extensively damaged houses will have to be leveled and rebuilt. Some of the buildings damaged included a bakery, boats at a close by marina and the New England Home for the Deaf, an assisted-living facility for people who are deaf or deafblind and elderly residents requiring constant care. “These people are extremely fragile,” said state Rep. Ted Speliotis, D-Danvers, whose district includes the affected area. “Many of them have Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. It’s clear they can’t stay here long, but it’s clear they won’t be able to return for quite a while.”

Danvers Fire Chief James P. Tutko toured the area by helicopter and said many residents would be kept from their homes for the foreseeable future. “It looks like a war zone, that’s the only thing I can say,” Tutko said. When asked about the loss of no life at all, he responded “Somebody out there likes us.” Finally, he said that finding out the cause of the explosion would take days.

Outgoing governor Mitt Romney toured the area and said the explosion was a “Thanksgiving miracle” as the explosion was “equivalent to a 2,000 lb bomb going off in a residential neighborhood,” and that no one was killed and only about 10 people suffered only minor injuries in area that included over 300 residents. Residents of the area have been evacuated to the Danvers High School where temporary shelter has been set up by the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay. Donations are being taken for residents affected by the explosion. Residents are also being told to start filing insurance claims right away and to keep track of their expenses for items bought.

There were minor environmental concerns due to water runoff of chemicals. According the Environmental Protection Agency‘s on-scene coordinator Mike Nalipinski, preliminary tests showed low levels of toluene, a solvent, but said it was nothing of significance. Water runoff from the water used by firefighters left a purple sheen on the river and tests were being conducted. However, the water is not a local drinking water supply and the chemical evaporates quickly. Chief Tutko said there was no risk of toxic fumes getting into the air.

An Eastern Propane facility was also located near the area, however, it was not the source of the explosion. A spokesman for the company said that although the property suffered some minor damage, their tanks are secure.

According to WHDH television, a person who answered the telephone at CAI’s Georgetown, Massachusetts headquarters refused comment, and a telephone message left at the company president’s home was not immediately returned.