News briefs:May 24, 2006

The time is 17:30 (UTC) on May 24th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Major fire breaks out at Istanbul airport
    • 1.2 East Timor descends into further violence: Downer
    • 1.3 Former chaplain at Guantanamo tells about abuse and underage prisoners
    • 1.4 The Australia Institute identifies ideal sites for nuclear power stations
    • 1.5 Sir Edmund Hillary angry with mountaineers who left British climber to die
    • 1.6 Police retrieve body of hunter
    • 1.7 British sailor resumes around-the-world voyage after stop in Hawaii
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Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland

Friday, August 2, 2013

A man and a woman have been killed in a road traffic accident near Connel in the west of Scotland. Seven people, including three children, were also injured in the head-on collision on the A85 road in Argyll at approximately 1830 BST (1730 UTC) yesterday.

A 74-year-old female passenger of a blue Honda CRV and a 32-year-old male passenger of a blue Vauxhall Vectra died at the scene of the crash. The Vauxhall driver, a 32-year-old woman, was transported by helicopter to Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, where she is reportedly in a critical albeit stable condition.

Three child passengers in the Vauxhall, aged fourteen, five and two, were taken to Oban Hospital and given treatment for minor injuries, as were the Honda’s 51-year-old female driver and two female passengers aged 49 and 46.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said hydraulic cutting equipment was used during rescue efforts. “Ambulance personnel and police officers worked closely with our team throughout the incident but sadly one passenger from each car lost their life”, the spokesperson continued. “The thoughts of all emergency responders who were at the scene will be with the casualties and their loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened.”

Police have appealed for potential witnesses to contact them.


It’s a GLAM wrap: Curators meet collaborators at Canberra conference

Monday, August 17, 2009

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Earlier this month, over 150 delegates from cultural institutions, government and the online community gathered at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra over one and a half days for the first GLAM-WIKI conference. The conference brought together representatives from the GLAM sector, comprising galleries, libraries, archives and museums, politicians, and members of the Wikimedia community (who edit the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and its sister sites), to enter into a dialogue regarding ways the three areas can work collaboratively to preserve and promote cultural collections online.

Highlights from the conference included keynote speeches by Wikimedia Foundation Chief Program Officer Jennifer Riggs and Senator Kate Lundy, as well as a panel discussion on the political pressures involved in improving and disseminating GLAM organisations’ online collections featuring Senator Lundy as well as Senator Scott Ludlam, ACT Legislative Assembly shadow minister Alistair Coe, Government 2.0 Taskforce member Seb Chan, Adjunct Director to the Digital Library of the National Library of New Zealand Paul Reynolds and Kylie Johnson, the New Media Advisor for the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. Sessions focused on ways the Wikimedia and GLAM communities could better work together to further their missions of preserving, curating and sharing cultural knowledge, with streams examining the topics of legal and technical barriers, and the impact on business and education.

Two case studies were presented at the conference, the first being the Powerhouse Museum’s experimental release of some of their photographic collection to Flickr Commons, and the second the collaboration between the German Wikimedia chapter and German Federal Archives to release their collection to Wikimedia Commons. While these and other projects were examined as successful forays into open content, the recent legal action between the United Kingdom’s National Portrait Gallery and a Wikimedian was raised in most sessions as an example of such efforts having negative consequences.

Delegates at the conference engaged in heated discussion both on- and offline, with the #GLAM-WIKI tag on Twitter generating over 500 tweets during the course of the first day. Overall, feedback from participants was strongly positive over both the event and its plans for the future.

Liam Wyatt, the Vice President of the Australian Wikimedia Chapter and organiser of the event, was impressed by the turnout. According to Wyatt, “at 170 registrations it is one of the largest Wikimedia events ever, after [international Wikimedia conference] Wikimania, and to be able to offer that for no attendance fee is testament to the support we received from our partners – most especially the WMF … There are many proposals and discussions that are now starting up as a result of the event and, rightly, these may take quite some time to bear fruit. However, what I think we have achieved immediately is to take the heat out of the debate between the cultural sector and the Wikimedia community.”

Jennifer Riggs was similarly impressed by the dialogue that came as a result of the conference. “It’s gone terrifically, really. People have had the opportunity to be really frank about the concerns that they have.”


Ban on YouTube spreads to Google services in Turkey

Monday, June 7, 2010

Access to search engine Google has been limited and most of Google’s online services cannot be accessed in Turkey. The access limitation happened due to the blocking of an IP set that belongs to Google. These IP addresses were shared between YouTube and other Google services.

The Turkish news site Hürriyet Daily News reports that Turkey’s Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TCP) (a government agency that manages Turkish ISPs) indefinitely shut off access to several Google services. The shut-off came after the banning of YouTube for alleged insults against Turkish Republic founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. TCP released an official statement Friday, saying it had blocked access to some Google IP addresses “because of legal reasons”. Under Turkish law, it is an offence to “insult Turkishness.”

Softpedia states that the limited access to Google could be a result of the government trying to block specific DNS addresses that relate to Google, as part of its ongoing attempts to block YouTube. Since Google services share common software and IP addresses, the search engine itself suffers from access restrictions. Turkish citizens are concerned that this move of the governmental agency was another step towards a complete ban on Google, as exists in China.

Several Internet sites have been banned in Turkey in recent years, and although some of them were subsequently unbanned, most of them remain inaccessible. Engelli Web, a website listing banned sites reports that currently YouTube (since May 2008), (since June 26, 2009), and Spanish newspaper El Mundo (since May 14, 2010) are among the banned sites in Turkey. MySpace and WordPress were also among banned sites for a period of time. Websites will be blocked following a court decision or if TCP decides to block on its behalf.

RetweetToday reports that Turkish citizens on Twitter have also reported access problems. Comments about the blockage are being shared using hashtags such as TurkeyCensorGoogle and TurkeyGoogleBan, as well as NoGoogleNoWeb.


Spelbound declared winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

An acrobatic group known by the name of Spelbound has been declared as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010, a televised variety talent show competition broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. As the winning act of the show, Spelbound have won £100,000 (US$144,580, €120,313, A$175,079) and a place at The Royal Variety Performance, an annual gala evening that is attended by senior members of the British Royal Family.

In no particular order, the top three acts were revealed to be two dancers known by their stage name of Twist and Pulse, gymnastic group Spelbound and Kieran Gaffney, whose act involves playing on the drum kit. After Kieran Gaffney was revealed to be in third place, Anthony McPartlin, who hosts Britain’s Got Talent with Declan Donnelly, said to Kieran: “Well done Kieran. Kieran, you’re a star, you came back, you got all the way to the final. I know you’ve loved this. You’ve loved this, haven’t you?” In response to this, Kieran Gaffney stated: “Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone for supporting me. Thank you.”

Shortly afterwards, on the episode that was broadcast live on ITV1 on Saturday, Anthony announced: “After tens of thousands of auditons, five semi-finals and an amazing final, this…this is it. One of you is about to walk away with £100,000 and a place at this year’s Royal Variety Performance. The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 is…Spelbound!” Glen Murphy from Twist and Pulse commented about finishing in second place, stating: “Yeah, it’s amazing. I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe it at all.”

Alex Uttley, a 24-year-old member of Spelbound, commented on the gymnastic group’s victory, commenting: “Oh, my god. This is unbelieveable. We just want to say thank you to everyone out there. It just shows that all our hard work has paid off.” One of the coaches of Spelbound, named Neil Griffiths, stated about Spelbound: “Oh, they’ve worked so hard over the last few weeks. Um, since the semi-final, we…we really had to pull out the stops to try and up the game. They’ve not known they’ve worked in the gym from six in the morning till twelve…twelve o’clock of the night. I couldn’t have asked for more. Um, it’s a team of coaches. I don’t take all the credit myself. There’s, uh, two people up there that know who they are who’ve been fantastic.”

Spelbound consists of 24-year-old Alex Uttley, Nicholas Illingworth, aged 24, Adam Buckingham, aged 21, 20-year-old Adam McAssey, 19-year-old Douglas Fordyce, 18-year-old Edward Upcott, 18-year-old Leighanne Cowler, 17-year-old Katie Axten, 17-year-old Lauren Kemp, 15-year-old Jonathan Stranks, Abigail Ralph, aged 15, 13-year-old Hollianne Wood and Amy Mackenzie, aged 12. Bookmakers had previously predicted that Spelbound would be the most likely act to become the winner of the series.

The running order for the final started with Twist and Pulse. The second act to perform was Liam McNally, a 14-year-old singer. The running order subsequently continued with 40-year-old impressionist Paul Burling, singer Christopher Stone, aged 28, Tina & Chandi, a woman and dog dancing act, Connected, a five-piece singing group, Kieran Gaffney, aged 12, 22-year-old Tobias Mead, a dancer, 80-year-old singer Janey Cutler and Spelbound in that particular order.

Earlier on in the final, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has stated to Spelbound: “We are hosting the 2012 Olympics and I think ‘what a brilliant opening act’.” Fellow judge Piers Morgan also commented that “[t]he purpose of this show is to identify hidden great British talent. You are that act.” After Spelbound won in the final, another judge, named Simon Cowell, stated that “the right boys and girls won on the night” and that he could “only say on live TV that that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen. Seriously.”


Flash floods kill over a hundred in India, 500 missing

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Five hundred people are missing and as many as 150 are reported to have been killed by flash floods in India, caused by a sudden cloudburst that hit Indian-controlled Kashmir on Friday. The downpour struck the town of Leh and several surrounding villages, and reportedly caused a mud slide that hit the refugee-populated village of Choglamsar.

Associated Press reported that at least five foreign tourists were among those killed. Their nationalities are not known but New Delhi Television (NDTV) reported that 110 tourists, half of them foreigners, were being looked after at an Army transit camp on the Leh-Manali road. NDTV also said that the tourists had been given food, medicine and phone connections to their embassies. Flights have been arranged by the Indian government to bring affected foreign tourists back home.

Massive relief efforts are continuing; Farooq Ahmad, who is Inspector General of Police in Kashmir reported on Sunday today that “63 bodies had been identified so far and that rescue teams were fanning out to six villages near Leh that had not yet been reached during relief operations.” Believed to contain 5000 people, Choglamsar, on Leh’s outskirts, is one of the villages that rescuers have been clearing roads to reach.

The army has been called in to assist in rescue work. Thousands of troops, police and paramilitary soldiers were clearing roads in order to reach isolated villages. Those living in the upper reaches, whose housing was not adequate to provide protection, will have borne the full impact of the mud slides caused by the 12 mm of rain that fell on Friday in just a few minutes.

Officials said that rescuers were digging through crushed homes and piles of mud to search for survivors. The hundreds of reported injured are being treated at an army hospital and several makeshift clinics. Mohammed Deen Khan, a social activist who has been assisting in rescue work, said the mud was 15 feet high in some places. Heavy earth-moving equipment has been brought in to move the tonnes of mud and boulders blocking roads.

The rescue officials have faced a serious problem due to the severe damage of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) office, a telecommunication enterprise, leading to the complete disruption of communication in the Leh region. The general manager of BSNL reports that the damage has caused a loss of 120 million INR. Another telecommunication enterprise, Airtel, has provided SIM cards to local administration for setting up hotlines that people can call for assistance.

The major problem is due to the communication breakdown. If communication is restored it will help in co-ordination of rescue operations in a better way.

Pashi Tsetan, a local administration development wing (deputy director) said, “The major problem is due to the communication breakdown. If communication is restored it will help in co-ordination of rescue operations in a better way.” Other institutions like Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), the ITBP camp, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and others have also been affected.

1,314 people, mostly tourists, have been airlifted from Leh to Delhi. Three additional Indian Airlines flights from Jammu and Delhi have been planned. Three IL-76 and four AN-32 aircraft carried relief material to Leh this morning, and four more by Jet Airways and Air India and three by Kingfisher Airlines will carry relief material and doctors to Leh.

The ITBP has sent water tankers containing drinking water to affected areas. Medical camps have been set up in villages like Saboo. The bodies of eleven persons were transported to Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Rajasthan this morning.

India’s crisis comes as Pakistan is experiencing the worst floods in the country’s history.


CanadaVOTES: Liberal Dr. Eric Hoskins running in Haldimand—Norfolk

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskins is standing for election in the riding of Haldimand—Norfolk.

Wikinews contacted Dr. Eric Hoskins, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.


Colombia’s Uribe sworn in to second term as president

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

President Alvaro Uribe was sworn into his second term of office in the Colombian capital of Bogota, Monday, pledging to improve the economy and make peace with FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels.

Security was tight in order to prevent a repetition of the attack on his first inauguration in 2002 when FARC rebels fired mortars at the presidential palace killing 20.

Police reported deactivating a car bomb outside of the capital on Monday.

In his inaugural speech, Uribe pledged “Fear will not stop us negotiating. I confess my concern is something else – the risk of failing to get peace and slipping back in security.”

The event was attended by 11 heads of state, mostly from South America.

Uribe, 54, a free-market conservative from the land-owning class, is seen as one of the few remaing allies of US President George W. Bush on a continent that has seen a swing to the left with the election in recent years of leftists in Brazil and Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile. He was re-elected with 62% of the vote in May. He changed the constitution to allow himself to serve two consecutive terms. His first term saw a drop in the number of murders and kidnappings, offensives against the Marxist FARC rebels and an amnesty for right wing paramilitary fighters but there is a widespread feeling that Uribe has failed to militarily defeat the rebels and there is a public mood favouring negotiation. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed in the four decades-long conflict between rebels, the army, and right wing paramilitaries.

Uribe will also face increasing demands for improved security and more social investment. Half of the country’s population lives below the poverty line making less than three dollars a day despite an economic boom and 13 million Colombians have no pension.

“We are against a fiscally tight macro-economic policy that leaves economic growth to the luck of supply and demand. The state must be devoted in equal parts to growth and equality,” he said in his speech.


Trouble Free Kitchen Design Solutions In The Uk

Trouble-Free Kitchen Design Solutions In The Uk


Penelope Kerry

Thus ?oes the compo??t??? ?f ??pl?a?c??, a? ?u?t ??t?h?n styl?? and ???? c?r?? ?n t? ???el?? ?n? ?ur ?h?n???g l?f? ?t?l??.

\”Some appliance crazes go and come, although some become instant timeless classics. The stainless steel finish, or in Miele\’s case, the CleanSteel finish, is a leading example – once only found in commercial kitchens, nowadays it\’s a style basic in contemporary kitchen design,\” ?tate? ?? Jag??, \”The trick will be to sort through all of the various trends and find the people that will endure the test of time.\”

??m? craz?s ?????a p ?a??? f??m M??l? ?ff??? ? s?????i? ??out t?? ?e?est ?itchen a??li?n?e ??aze?…

?h? to? f??? f?cto?s ?ha??n? ??tc??n ???l?????s ?f t?e ??a? fut??e:

1. C?nt??t m???t?r?

T?? ?ubl?c\’? att??t??n to b? lat?l? ?r????d ?? ??m? ?f th? m??t a??an?e? t?c????al ??velopm?nts, t?? t?u??s????? ?a? ??c????? ? ?u?e ?m?a?t on th? a??roach ?? ?ntera?t ??th mac??n?? ?n? ????c??.

\”The absolute high-light of the recent Generation 6000 range from Miele is the M Touch interface, boasting a color TFT (thin-film transistor) contact display that produces merchandise handling simpler and much more intuitive than ever before,\” stat?? p J???r.

? ?u?l c??p?cc??? ?t t?e t?uc? ?f one sw?tc?, ??co???i?? t?? w??t?d a?t?m?t?c ??????mm? ?? a st?am-?????? ????t ????, ?? p?c??n? t?? ?????t?n? m??? ??? tem?e?at???? ?? ????r?l ??m?l? ?te?s ?ef?r? ?a??n? – all t??s ?a? ?? ??ach?d in an ?l??antl? ?a?y ?tyl? wit? ??el?\’? ??? ? Conta?t ??nt??l?.

In ?e????? ??t? t??s t?en?, ? Ja?e? r??o??? t?at ???l? ?? ?????t?ng t?? ?a? ?y a??i?? ne? ?????m?r c?n??cts a?? d???la?s ?c?o?? ?ll ?t? ??t?g??ted a??l???ce?.

YouTube Preview Image

\”Reminiscent of smartphones and tablet computer, M Touch is the name Miele has fond of the high resolution TFT screen featured on its flagship models. The menu is browsed by using or scrolling with all the point of a hand,\” s?y? ?e ??g?r.

2. ??el??s c??tom ????a?an???

??? ?oin?n? of t?e ??t?h?? ?ith t?? e???t?ng and ??n???-???m? ????e??? t? ?? ? ?e???n ????? th?t i? ???i?g ? m?ss??? ?mp??t ?n a??l?an?? ?tyl?.

C?l?? featu?e? ? ?r?f?u?? ?m???t ?n t?e e?t??? imp????i?? ?f ? ??tch??, a?? ???l? ?? ?la?? t? ?n????e ??m? owne?s ????? t?? v??iet? of col??? ????l?bl? ?n the P?r??in? ????e, f??m O??i??an D??? an? Ha???? ?r?w?is? to ?utst?n??ng W??t? an? ?l????t??l ?tainl?ss (a ?er? ????-t?-?l??? f????h, w??c? ?ets com???sated t? fing?r????t?).

\”In modern living rooms with an available transition to the living space, built-in appliances should preferably form part of the overall concept of the interior decoration. Therefore, it\’s not satisfactory for appliances to be purely functional – they must seem great also,\” cl??ms ? ??g??, \”Miele has crafted for this particular trend in its new Generation 6000 variety by integrating the new PureLine layout to the look and feel of all its appliances, in addition to adding appliances in four distinct colours,\” not?? p J?ge?.

\”No additional producer of built in appliances addresses this type of spectrum of colours and materials, empowering such a variety of choices to be sure harmoniously fitting color schemes,\” s??? ? J?g??.

3. ??r? ?t????htf???ard, m??h ?ett?r, ?u?c???

\”In phrases of Miele\’s new Generation 6000 range of appliances as an example this means a plethora of extra characteristics that guarantee optimum functionality and consumer-friendliness,\” ??y? ? ?????, \”Ovens with pyrolytic cleansing for instance, offer customers an effortless way of eliminating oil dashes and deposits in the cabinet, by incinerating them to ash at a rather high temperatures. All that remains is for the ash to be wiped away.

\”?iele\’? E?? 6000 t???? ?lso i?clude? ne? ????F?t a?c?s?????? f?? v??????s w?t? ?y??lyt?? cl?a???g. ?s t??? ?a? ?? ?????tant t? ext?em?l? ???? tem?e?at???? ?h????s ???? ?t?n??, c?m?? ?tan?? a?d Fl???Cl?? t?l??????c at?l?t?? f??m?rl? h?d t? b? ??m???? ??i?r t? ????l?ti? ?l?an???, th??e a??-?n? ca? ??? st?? ?n t?e r?ng?. T??? ????s t?m? ?n? ?ff??t ?? cle??i??.\”

Regarding devices, design should not be an end in it self – it should appear in symbiosis with optimum functionality.

Four. Proceeding eco-friendly

\”O?er th? ??ar?, M??le\’? ????l?-t?-?????u? ?c?-f??e??l? ?t?at??? ??? ?a?ne? ?t t?e ???utat??? f?? ??t??l?????g t?e ?tan?ard f?? ??t?ll?gent te????logy ???n? a? e??l??ical ???r?n???. ???l?\’? ?e??ces ??????? th? f????t-?n-m????t ?ow??-???fo?ma???, a?? t???ef?re ?r? ca??full? a?aly??? to ??nt??ue f?r ?t lea?t tw??t? ?ear?, ??ich ??mp???? t? t?? c?mm?n ????n-??ar l?fe-s?an ?f t?e m?????t? ?f appl?an???, ???n?fic?ntl? min?m??es t???r c?r??n fo?tpr?nt.\”

Matter for the surroundings proceeds to form the manner appliances are made.

Induction cooking food has made real inroads because of the green tendency. Miele\’s KM6395 FlexTouch induction hob as an example, saves time plus electricity, and enables users to change its options to accommodate their personal preparing food preferences for the very best results. The 90cm-wide FlexTouch hob boasts an intuitive interface, allowing pots and pans to be set anywhere on the ceramic screen. Not is there any demand to align pans using the bands below.\”

5 ?ar?ou?. ?o???n? ?n? f??l??? ??r? ????

???nt??n??g ?r ?n?a???n? ??ll-b???? ?s a ????rit? ?? ma?? ?e??l?\’? l??es.

\”The worldwide recession appears to have switched the emphasis of wellbeing and wellness towards handling the basics,\” ?tat?? ?? ?a???. \”Being proactive to keep yourself as healthy as you possibly can perhaps not only has the benefit of ensuring that you just appear your finest, but in addition it negates the requirement for costly clinical treatment and timeout in the work place. Because of this, enhancing your basic nourishment has grown into an important aim for most.\”

W??t??? ?e??c??ati?? ?? de??l??in? y??? ??u?? fo? ?ou ?e? ??m?, am?n? th? m??t ?i?n?f?ca?t ??n???e??t??n? t? ma?? ?? ???ut ??u? ??t???? ?r?a ??u?t??-t???. ????e ?u?faces ?s l???l? t? fun?t??? a? th? m?ny ????ble l?c?t???? of ???? c?????? ar?? as well as t?? m??t u??? al??. ??c? ?f ????t??c? ??ll ?la? ?? im???t??t ?a?t ?? b?t? a???a??nc? ?n? ???? cl??n ?? ?f ?ou? c?????? a?ea cou?te?t???. A ??m??? ?f th? mater?als acc??si?l? ??? cl?? t?les, ch??mi?m ?t??l, ?t???, ??c? c?mple??? ?n? m??-ma?? ????ta????.

R??? c?m???it?? ha?e ?ll t?e ???m?l t???h???? ?f ?t?ne, ?re ?????ntl? clo?e? ??????t ??t and ??m? ?? ? ??riet? ?f s?a??? th?t g? all thr???h th? ?om???it?. ?ll t???e a?? ?l?ntif?l ?? ??t? m?rbl? c?m?l?? ??? qu?rtz c?m????t? mat???als. G?anit? c?m??site ?? a ?it ??rder tha? ???rta m???me?t ??m?l?? ??cau?? ?f the ???h?r-d??s?t? ?f ?t?n? ?n th? ??mp??it? m?t?ri?l?. ??a?tz ?ompl?? c?m?? ?n m??? ??l??r? t??? gran?t? as ?ell a? t?? ??l??? e?t?n? th??u???ut t?e m?t????l. ??t? t?es? ??mpl?x?? w?ll pr?v??? ?o? ??t? ?ol?d l?n?-la?tin? ????e ??u?t??t??? th?t c?n matc? ???? ??tc??? ??c??at??n? e?s?ly. ????? ??? bl??? c?m?l???? a???la?l? ?h??? ??e ??tu??l m?ter??l? bl????? ??t? ?????l? r???n f?ll?r t??t ?? ne??l? ?s d?ma??in? a? th? fo??-m?nt????d ?t??e ?om?le???. ??i? mi?tu?? c?m?l?? ??? ??a?la?l? in m??e ???t??ti??s th?n ?d?it???al ?t??? c?m???it?s, ??????in? ??? fle?i??l?t? ?n t?? ??t?o?s f?? ????.

??r??la?? t?le? ??n ma?? a? att???t??e ?u?face f?? t?? ??o?in? a??a co??t??-t???. T?? a????tm??t ????l??le ?? ?u?t ??str?ct?d by ???? c??at???t? a?? b????t. ???r? ??? ???f??m??? ??aila?le that ??ll ?t?le ??ur ???am?? t?l?? t? fit yo?? ?t?l? ???d?. ???? m??ht ?? t?? ??????t ?????ach to ?re?t? a ??me ???o? ?cce?table t? ??u? ??? ?xp??tati??? for th? n?w ?? ??n???t?? c????n? ???a l???ut. T?? ??????t ??????d? ?s th? ??t?a ?ff??t n?e??? t? ma?nt??? ? til? ??u?te?-to? s??f??? ?????n?? f?? th? f??d-???parat??n. A wa? c??tin? ????? t? ?e ?ut ?n t?e g???t ut?liz?d t? ?u????t t?? t?l?s ?n ???it??? an? ??tra ?tt?nti?? w?ll b? ??q????? to ?ee? t??t ???a ?f ??u? ??t?h?? cou?te? t??? ?lea? and ?act???a-f?e?.

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Article Source:


Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners

Buffalo, N.Y. Hotel Proposal Controversy
Recent Developments
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Original Story
  • “Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners” — Wikinews, February 17, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

Buffalo, New York —Savarino Construction Services Corp. has proposed a $7 million hotel project at the Forest and Elmwood Avenue intersection, according to The Buffalo News. The proposal calls for a 5-story, 45,000 square-foot 80-room hotel with underground parking for at least 50 vehicles, and 4,500 square-feet of retail space on the lower level.

Hans Mobius, the owner of the five properties to be purchased in the plan (1109 to 1121 Elmwood), reportedly signed a contract with Savarino to assemble the development.

“We saw a huge opportunity to bring something to the Elmwood Village that will make sense and bring a service that’s currently not available,” said Eva Hassett, vice president of Savarino. “Elmwood is such a wonderful place to eat, shop, walk and spend time. We believe this project will add to that vibrant environment.”

Some business owners in the area see it differently. Wikinews interviewed 2 of the 4 owners whose business’s would be demolished if the development goes through.

Nancy Pollina, of Don Apparel at 1119 Elmwood, who found out about the development only yesterday, said she is “utterly” against the proposal. Her apparel shop has stood at the same location for nearly 14 years. She has volunteered in the community, and helped create several gardens around bus shelters in the city, and served on Forever Elmwood Board for six years as head of Beautification. Patty Morris co-owns Don Apparel with Pollina.

“To say this is a good looking project, I want to say the emperor has no clothes. This [project] does not take into consideration the needs of the college students. I have been told by college students, these shops here, are the reason they leave the campus,” said Mrs. Pollina.

Buffalo State College is 500-feet from the intersection.

Michael Faust, the owner of Mondo Video said, “Well, I do not really want to get kicked out of here. The landlord was very open, and the deal he made with me when I moved in here was ‘the rent is cheap and I [the landlord] will not fix anything and that will not change.'” Faust said he first learned of the development plan, “about 48 hours ago. I found out on Tuesday when the Buffalo News called and asked for my opinion on this.” Faust has not said if he will make plans to relocate. “We have to see if this [house] is going to get knocked down first,” said Faust.

An “informational” meeting, where citizens can voice opinions and learn about the proposal, will be held on Tuesday February 21, 2006 at 5:00pm (eastern), at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center Gallery at Buffalo State College, Rockwell Hall.

Executive director of Forever Elmwood Corporation, Justin P. Azzarella would not comment on whether or not the organization supports the development, saying, “you will just have to come to the meeting.”

Forever Elmwood Corp. is designed to preserve and protect the unique and historic nature of Elmwood Avenue and its surrounding neighborhoods and encourage neighborhood commercial revitalization. The organization was founded in 1994.

Nearly two years ago, the Forever Elmwood Corp. assisted in the blocking of the demolition of the Edward Atwater house at 1089 Elmwood next to Pano’s Restaurant which is at 1081 Elmwood. Owner Pano Georgiadis wanted to expand his restaurant onto the property where the house now stands, but the Common Council denied his permit to demolish saying the house is a historical landmark and needs to be protected. Georgiadis, who has a bleeding ulcer, said that all the court cases landed him in the hospital. “I got a bleeding ulcer, and since then, I don’t care about this house anymore, or this city. I just go to work every day. I think [preservationists] are parasites,” said Georgiadis.

Georgiadis will not be attending Tuesday’s meeting saying, “I will be out of town.”

In 1995 Hans Mobius proposed a plan to develop a Walgreens, that was to be placed in the same location, but residents and business owners shot down the proposal. Walgreens eventually withdrew its request for a variance after pressure from the community.