Using Herbs In Your Cooking

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Herbs can add a lot of extra flavour to foods and they are used by most top chefs.

Plants have been used in cooking for years now, though many people are still unsure of how to use them correctly. For some they simply experiment until they find the perfect combination, but for others they just do not seem to be able to get the hang of it. Different herbs go with different foods and it is important to know all about the different herbs before you actually use them in your cooking.

How Herbs Have Been Used Over the Years


Herbs have a number of uses and they have been used for literally hundreds of years. The Chinese mainly discovered them and they were used for both cooking and healing purposes. However there is no evidence as to when the Chinese actually started using herbs in their cooking.

The Egyptians were also thought to have used herb plants in their cooking well before the pyramids were even built. Herbs are as popular as ever today and people tend to experiment more and more with their cooking by adding herbs to their food in order to give it extra flavour. If you eat out at restaurants then there is a big chance that the chefs there may have used herbs in their cooking.

The good thing about using herbs is that it is easy to add them to most foods, so you do not have to be a chef in order to experiment with them. If you want to use herbs in your cooking for the first time it may not work out to plan, but the best thing to do is to keep experimenting. Sometimes you may get some great results and other times you may not do as well, so you just need to persevere. Just remember not to overdo it with herbs, because by using too much it can often make the taste of the food a little overpowering. Also, another tip is to try to use fresh herbs instead of dried herbs as you will be able to tell the difference when it comes to tasting them.

Overall, herbs in our food have been used for thousands of years, although the exact dates it started are not overly clear. By adding herbs it can really add extra flavour to our food and it is also good for you at the same time; so it is definitely worth trying them out. Experiment with the different types of herbs and try them out on different foods in order to see if you can create something that is really tasty and that you will enjoy.

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