Three Of Hollywoods Worse Teeth

Three of Hollywoods Worse Teeth


Faye A.

Celebrities are good-looking; there is no doubt about that – and they have to be. However, they are not immune to dental imperfections. Crooked teeth, pointy fangs, or yellowish teeth are common dental problems to most hot celebs.


The following is a list of Hollywood stars, both famous and the no-so-famous stars who have or have had (in the past) bad teeth: 1. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise is no doubt one hot Hollywood hunk. But did you ever notice that he had crooked teeth before? When he was still a kid, you can easily spot how mal-aligned his teeth were. If you look even closer at his pictures in the past, you can notice that his jaw is a little crooked as well. Today, with the help of modern Cosmetic Dentistry, minor alignment and teeth whitening treatments have transformed Tom Cruise into a much hotter hunk! 2. Keanu Reeves A photo of Keanu Reeves which was taken just recently revealed that he has major dental problems. The star of the box-office hit The Matrix used to be as hot as Tom Cruise before. But what happened to him now? Not only does he have bad, crooked teeth, but he also looks twice his age, with the beard and all. We would be really glad if he visits his dentist A.S.A.P! I mean, with the money he has, I think he can afford at least a teeth whitening treatment! Unless he does this, we will surely miss his glory days 3. Morgan Freeman The star who always plays God has a lot going on with his teeth. As you can see clearly in one of his pictures, his teeth are stained and they are crooked as well. Although this dental look, gave him a more edgy personality, still, he has to bring those teeth to the dentist as well. There you have it: 3 of Hollywood’s bad teeth. Just because they are celebrities does not mean that they are exempted from developmental (or environmental) teeth defects. Watch out for more Hollywood Dental Stuffs! Cosmetic Dentistry

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Three of Hollywoods Worse Teeth