The Top Plays In Chicago

byAlma Abell

Whether you live in Illinois and are headed to the city for the weekend or you are traveling from other places, there is one thing you cannot miss when you are in town! There is a club in Chicago that has the entertainment that ranks among the best anywhere. The top plays in Chicago are not Broadway productions that are on the road they are produced right in Chicago and originate at one of the world’s most famous performance clubs. It is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

The History

There are a lot of great playhouses that are well-known but this particular one is well-known by people of all ages that enjoy all genres of performance. It is a playhouse that is so much more than simply a place to be entertained. This particular place is:

* A learning institution in its own right * A historic icon * The place where many famous people got their start

The history of this place goes way beyond entertainment. It is a place where people gather to learn through workshops. It is considered an historic icon because few places have had such a huge impact on the careers of well-known entertainers. It has its footing in history because of its innovative approach to entertainment.

The Shows

The plays in Chicago pale in comparison to the plays that are performed on the stages at this iconic playhouse. The plays are entertaining, surprising and steeped in pure entertainment. If you want to really be entertained this is the place to do it at! There is something for everyone at Second City that makes the entire experience an event!

Never just see a play while you are visiting, always be sure to have an experience at Second City. We are also on Facebook.