Smile Brighter Every Day With A Dentist In Livonia


Dentists today are much more than people who simply clean teeth and fill cavities. Today, dentists can be considered as part doctor and part artist. Dentists are professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in all matters concerning oral health, and any person can turn to them when they need a boost of self-confidence. They are there to help everyone keep their smiles happy for as long as they live.

There are a number of different procedures that a highly qualified dentist will be able to perform whether the patient is seeking help with preventative measures, tooth repair, or cosmetic work. From cavities to dental implants and everything in-between, the art of dentistry is helping people all over the world smile brighter every day.

General and Preventative Dentistry


General and preventative dentistry is the oldest type of dentistry and is a practice that no person should live without. General dentistry caters to oral healthcare needs by providing a wide range of services which diagnose and treat any issues with the gums, teeth, and overall oral health of a person.

Preventative dentistry includes general dentistry but is just a bit more specialized. Preventative dentistry includes procedures which are meant to avert decay and disease. Such procedures include:

* Professional teeth cleanings; * Comprehensive oral examinations; * Gum disease treatments; * Dental fillings and sealants; * Screenings for oral cancer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry does include treatment of oral health issues and takes preventative measures into account, the main focus is on the improvement of appearance. Cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular today, and a lot of people consider them just as important as general and preventative care. The most common cosmetic procedures include:

* Veneers; * Tooth whitening and/or bleaching; * Contouring and/or reshaping; * Dental Implants and bridges; * Dental bonding; * Orthodontics.


Dentures are all about comfort and confidence and they are not just for elderly people anymore. They were designed to allow anyone who has lost several or all of their teeth, due to accidents, decay, or other issues, to be able to chew food properly, speak more clearly, and smile more confidently.

The patient will be provided with full or partial dentures, depending on their individual assessment and needs. Regular visits back to the dentist will ensure that the dentures keep their fit properly and that the patient is always as comfortable and confident as they deserve to be.

Finding a highly qualified and experienced dentist in Livonia is the first step to achieving a happy and healthy smile. Dentistry today means much more than just keeping teeth clean. From preventative measures to cosmetic repair, seeing a dentist regularly ensures that every patient keeps a confident smile on their face no matter what.