Selecting The Best Wrought Iron Baker’s Rack

By Jesse Akre

A wrought iron baker’s rack is a statement of classic elegance that never goes out of style. A baker’s rack is used to store many different items in a kitchen. Many people choose a wrought iron rack for its durability and look. Also wrought iron is a very versatile type of metal, which means there are many different styles available in baker’s racks that are made from it. There are also many different sizes and shapes available in a wrought iron baker’s rack. Some racks are even made to fit in corners so that every inch of space in a kitchen can be utilized effectively. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a wrought iron baker’s rack.


The size of the rack is probably the most important element. Most kitchens have very limited space, and people also like their kitchens to feel very spacious, in spite of this lack of space issue. This is why it is so important to measure the space you have available before you go shopping for a wrought iron baker’s rack. Remember that the purpose of the rack is to add extra storage to your kitchen, not clutter it up. Take the time to measure the space where you intend to put the rack. Measure the length and width of the space, being careful not to measure too far into the kitchen. Remember to leave ample room to move around in the kitchen, even after the new wrought iron baker’s rack is in place.


Another important aspect of size is the kind of space the rack will fit into. Remember that some racks are made to fit into corners, so it is certainly possible to get a corner rack if that is the only space you have to work with. Just remember that baker’s racks can be large or small, and they can come in just about any size you can imagine.


The style of the rack is also very important. While wrought iron is certainly a very classic look, there are also many other styles within the idea of wrought iron. Some wrought iron racks look more old-fashioned than others, while newer racks have a very modern twist to them. Just think about how everything in your kitchen looks and envision the type of baker’s rack that would look great in there.

Also think about the kind of shelves the baker’s rack will need to have. Many baker’s racks that are made from wrought iron have wire shelves that will allow smaller items to fall right through them. Some shelves come with an extra surface that can fit in one or two of the larger shelves on the rack. This surface can be made of plastic, metal, or another material, and it makes the wire shelf very secure so that things do not fall through the slots. Also some baker’s racks are mostly wrought iron, but they have a wooden section that contains one shelf or a drawer or two. Drawers can be very handy for stashing away loose items in the kitchen.

One last element of style to consider is how sturdy the wrought iron baker’s rack is. Take the time to feel several different racks in a store and see how they respond to being nudged by a wayward knee or hip. The highest quality racks will remain quite sturdy, which is certainly very important when thinking about storing breakable items on the rack. Remember that even a rack with wire legs can be very sturdy if it is made properly.

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