Renting An Rv Things To Expect

Renting An RV Things To Expect



Renting an RV can be a wise decision for a number of situations. Renting can be a great introduction to the RV lifestyle for the uninitiated. Keep in mind, that on a short trip of a week, it is difficult to get comfortable with RV operation, and you will probably encounter a certain amount of stress. For those who are anticipating buying an RV, or trading to a different model and type of RV, renting is a good way to try out different types, as most are available for rent.

Begin your search in your local Yellow Pages, or go online to which is the address of the Recreational Vehicle Rental Association. If you are traveling during the busy time of year, notably the holidays and the summer months, it is wise to reserve your RV months in advance. It will be difficult to get one that you desire on a spur of the moment decision during these times. In the off seasons, this wont be as much a concern.


The most common RV rental is the Class A and Class C motorhomes, which account of up to 90 percent of all RVs rented. Rates will vary depending on the season you are renting. Off season is of course cheaper than peak travel times. Rates also vary according to the type of RV. Tent trailers come in at the lowest, with rates for large Class As topping the expenditure required. Some companies also rent travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. These can be found with a little more effort and are becoming more common in the marketplace.

Other expenditures that may be of a concern will be the use of the generator which comes equipped on most units. There will be a meter that records your usage during your rental period. Generator use will vary; if you are staying at RV parks during the entire trip you probably wont use it at all. If you plan on staying out in the primitive camps with no hookups available, or in dense forests, you may use it a great deal. The generator will need to be used when running the microwave, air conditioning, TV and so on in places without hookups.

Many rental companies offer a furnishings package that can be convenient to take out some of the planning of the trip. For a flat fee of around $85, they will stock the RV with bedding, towels, cookware, dishes and utensils. Other packages available will include power cords, toilet paper and chemicals and other convenient options. Sometimes purchasing these various add-ons will take some of the planning required out of your trip making things easier all around.

Most rental centers will request a cleaning deposit. If you bring back the unit with the holding tanks full or the interior is overly dirty, or if there is damage to the coach, they will most likely not return it. There are a number of rental agencies that will take care of the holding tank cleanup for you though if this is important, being one of the most unpleasant jobs in RVing.

Make sure that the rental dealer demonstrates all aspects of operation of the rig you are renting. Make sure you are clear as to how things work, and make sure that you are provided with a full set of instructional manuals that make sense to you before setting off. As a final step make sure you do a thorough walk around of the unit, taking note of damage and defects, the same as when renting a car.

Keep in mind that most RVs that you can rent, can be purchased from the rental companies or a dealer if rented from them. If you end up really liking the rig you rent, perhaps negotiate a purchase price with the rental company. Great deals can be had on RVs two or three years old as most get rid of them after this period of time. Also many will subtract the rental price off of the purchase price, making it even easier to acquire your ideal rig. A rental could turn into a path towards becoming an RV owner.

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Renting An RV Things To Expect