Plastic Bed Liners 5 Tips To Get The Right One

By Alan Bullington

Plastic bed liners are a top choice if you do rough hauling with your pickup. That’s because the plastic material used in drop in bed liners is almost impossible to destroy. There are some hidden problems though with these liners that you should know about. The following are tips to help you get the best liner for the way you use your truck…

1. Why not another type of liner?

What about a spray on bed liner or some other type? The advantages of a plastic bedliner are several. The material is tougher than any other lining and can stand any kind of abuse. A spray on liner is tough, no doubt, but still can be damaged and must then be repaired. Also, plastic liners are very easy to clean and they are cheap to buy and easy to replace. Look out though for the fit…

2. Get a close fit.


Plastic liners are custom fit, but that fit sometimes is quite loose. A loose fitting liner can damage a truck fast. Here’s how… Loose liners move and vibrate. The liner material rubs on the bed under the lining. That friction wears away the bed paint.

Add a little water to that mix, from washing or rain or snow, and you have a recipe for rust and corrosion. The bad part is the damage is hidden under the liner. It can really cause a sorry mess before you ever even see it. Here’s another thing…

3. Check the drain.

Many drop in truck bed liners don’t drain well. Water pools under the liner and that’s the perfect spot for corrosion to set in. Again, the problem is the water is out of sight and hidden. It’s not so much that the liner causes the problem. The root cause of the problem is most likely clogged drains. It’s that the liner covers the drains so they can’t be seen. By the time you see the water, it may be too late.

4. How quiet is it?

Another aggravation with these liners is the noise. A poorly fitting liner will vibrate and sing. But there’s more. A poorly designed product will channel air under the lining and cause all kinds of wind whistling and noise. This does not have to be. It’s a matter of a “poor” fit as well as a less than perfect design that causes areas that sing. Not a good thing…

5. One piece?

It’s very difficult to solve all these problems with a one piece drop in bed liner. Is there another kind? Yes. There is at least one plastic liner that’s made in 5 pieces, one for each bed surface. By being in pieces that snap together, this liner can solve all the common plastic liner problems.

These linings can take just about any kind of abuse with no problems. Get the right liner though or you can have problems you wouldn’t expect. Make sure you have access to keep the drains clear as well as features to promote draining of the bed. Also you need a great fit to make sure the liner stays quiet and still… You can’t beat plastic bed liners for tough hauling.

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