Muscle Cars: For The Thrill Seeker In You

By David H. Urmann

If you prefer an automobile that can withstand extreme driving maneuvers and can handle sports such as drag racing, getting a muscle car can be the best option for you. Muscle cars come in various models and they have a set of features that are unique to them.

For certain motorists, having a car with a standard engine and design is enough for their daily use. However, for other individuals, it is much better to own an automobile that has been built for more hard-hitting driving maneuvers. These people require a vehicle that can move faster and withstand extreme driving conditions. If you, for instance, belong to the latter more adventurous group of motorists, you may find yourself looking for a car that can handle your needs as a thrill-seeking driver. In relation to this, a good option for you is to get one of the American muscle cars in the market.


But before actually planning to get a muscle car, you need to know the things that set this type of vehicle apart from other automobiles. Generally, muscle cars refer to high-performance automobiles that are medium sized and are equipped with a large powerful engine, usually a V8. Muscle cars normally have two doors, although some models have four doors. In addition, these cars have special trims that enable them to have maximum torque or rotary force while on the road. Muscle cars are also the common choice of individuals who join drag racing competitions. Experts distinguish muscle cars from sports cars through their size and seats. Muscle cars are relatively larger than sports cars and the latter have more than two seats.

After learning about the unique characteristics of muscle cars, you need to know about its various models. Here are a few classic examples of American muscle cars: Ford Thunderbird 427, Buick Skylark Gran Sport, Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS, and Pontiac GTO. All of these muscle cars were manufactured between the early 60’s to the mid 70’s and are the pioneering products that defined the said type of automobile. Modern muscle cars include the Impala SS, the Mercury Grand Marquis, the retro-style Ford Mustang, and the GT 500 Super Snake and King of the Road by Ford and Shelby.

Moving on, once you have learned much about muscle cars and have decided to get one, you should know where to start your search for the right car. First, you can visit automobile exhibits held by various car manufacturers in your city. During specific times of the year, these car companies host auto shows that they announce through public ads. Most likely, these exhibits have a particular area for muscle cars produced by the company. Second, you can read about several muscle car models and view their images in magazines and websites dedicated to the said automobile. Through these publications and online resources, you can even find the contact information of the companies that sell these cars. You should, however be more careful in looking for muscle cars on the World Wide Web and make sure that credible companies manage the sites you are visiting. Finally, if you wish to create your own muscle car, you can get in touch with an automotive designer. This type of Car Company can build a muscle car based on your preference and specifications in terms of paint scheme, tires, interior, and engine.

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