Know The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Dermal Filler}

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Dermal fillers are used as a non-surgical procedure, usually performed in a doctors office. The substance to be used is injected into the area needed to be, basically, plumped up or filled in.

The reasons for using dermal fillers vary, from filling in facial lines and wrinkles, to correcting nasolabial folds, to lessening the scars of acne, and other dermatological uses. The substances used vary but the effect is to make the skin look smoother, filling out the area with collagen or other soft tissue materials. These non-surgical procedures are usually very safe and most effective when applied by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon rather than in a spa or by a non-aesthetic physician. The effect can often last anywhere from one to three years. Getting dermal fillers can be very expensive, however. Results are not usually seen with just one or two treatments. Some people can also suffer an allergic reaction from the substances used. Redness, bruising and other skin sensitivities such as inflammation or swelling at the injection site may be obvious for a while after the procedure is done.

Some of the most well-known dermal fillers are Botox and Restylane. Other injected substances include Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, Zyplast, Zyderm, Dermalogen, Artecoll, Hylaform and Dermalive. Each of these will be discussed in more detail and can be useful as a guide when choosing which dermal filler can be of use to you. In this Article we discuss Juvederm



Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler gel used to soften facial wrinkles and deep folds in the skin. It is mostly a hyaluronic acid product, much as Restylane, Dermalive, Hylaform and some other fillers are. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-derived substance found in the skin, tendons and muscles of humans and other mammals. It promotes fullness and volume beneath the skins surface. The injections of Juvederm fill the spaces between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, renewing volume and making the patient look younger.

Removing and smoothing nasolabial folds or smile lines is the primary use for Juvederm. In fact, in studies comparing Juvederm with another popular dermal filler, Zyplast, 80% of patients using both products found Juvederm to be more effective at smoothing facial folds. This filler gel is also often used as a lip augmenter and as a filler for facial scarring.

Advantages of Juvederm:

Juvederm is one of the more longer lasting of the dermal fillers. It can last up to one year with just one treatment. When the injections are given, there is less bruising and inflammation than with some other dermal injectables. The injectable gel is also more comfortable because of the way it is manufactured with the added ingredient of lidocaine, an anesthetic. There is little risk of hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scarring, making Juvederm safe and quite effective for persons of color.

Because Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid, there is a lessened chance of patients having an allergic reaction since it is a naturally occurring human substance. Reactions to Juvederm such as redness tend to last only for up to a week at most.

As with all dermal fillers, the effect is temporary; this is good in that it gives patients a chance to see if they actually are happy with the results. Juvederm is reabsorbed in the body through the normal digestive processes. If the proper look is achieved, patients can opt to receive more injections in the future; if they are not happy with the results, nothing is lost in the overall process.

Disadvantages of Juvederm:

Although this substance works well, within six to nine months it is reabsorbed into the body, causing the patient to return for more injections in order to maintain the desired effects. This can become costly.

There can be brusing, redness, soreness, swelling and bumps at the injection site. Juvederm is not recommended for people with severe allergies.

About the Author: Dr. Farid Mostamand has written hundreds of articles on preventing the detrimental effects of skin aging. As the founder of the Focus Medical Spa he has first-hand experience with the most effective non-invasive treatments.


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