How Emancipation In Sullivan, Indiana Affects Child Support Orders

byAlma Abell

Indiana child support laws changed in 2012. These changes reduce the age of majority for minor children. The laws decreased the duration in which non-custodial parents must submit child support payments. These changes are identified further through laws for emancipation in Sullivan, Indiana.

How Does Emancipation Affect Child Support?

The age of majority or emancipation is now nineteen in Indiana. With this change, all child support orders are modified. Once the child reaches nineteen, they are emancipated from their parent’s care. This implies that the child is responsible for supporting themselves. The non-custodial parent is no longer required to provide any financial support. The child support order is no longer valid after the age of nineteen.

How Could Emancipation Affect College Students?

In some states, non-custodial parents are required to provide support if the child is in college. This isn’t the case in the state of Indiana. The custodial parents are responsible for any expenses for the child after emancipation. The only exception is if their divorce agreement required the non-custodial parent to contribute to the child’s college education. If there isn’t a court order, the child may not receive assistance with these expenses.

Filing for Emancipation Prior to Adulthood

Children who are at least seventeen may file for emancipation from their parents. However, the child must have a job and the means to support themselves. They must have an appropriate living space. A social worker evaluates these requirements for the court. The child must provide a valid reason for emancipation.

The most common reasons for emancipation are an addiction, abuse, and an inability of the parent to provide support. The social worker conducts a home study and assesses these conditions. If the prerequisite conditions for emancipation aren’t fulfilled, the court won’t grant emancipation of the child.

Emancipation through age or court order eliminates all child support orders. The changes in these laws alter existing court orders. Once the child is emancipated, the non-custodial parent is no longer responsible for the child legally. Parents who wish to learn more about emancipation in Sullivan, Indiana should contact the Feavel Law office for more info.