Get The Coldest Ice Block In Long Island, Ny

byAlma Abell

Ice seems incredibly easy to come by. After all, do not most people make it in their cube trays and freezers? Interestingly enough, ice blocks are not made of just regular old tap water. Any company that produces ice products only uses the purest water to make ice. This technique ensures a safe and clean product. Ice plants are classified by the sort of ice made. For example, a company that makes blocks would be classified as an ice block company. Making these blocks of ice is relatively complicated. To make block ice, manufacturers must fill gigantic metal cans with water. After that, immersing the cans in refrigerated sodium chloride creates blocks of varying size, in about 24 hours. Rapid block ice plants make the ice much quicker than its counterparts. There are a variety of these ice-maker models, one of which the refrigerant is contained in a tube that the ice forms around. Production amounts per company vary based on their plant size.


A company that makes ice block in Long Island, NY, can produce up to 300,000 pounds of ice per day. This same company can store up to 1,000 tons of ice. Long Island Ice and Fuel provides block ice in ten pound bags and blocks of ice in 25 pound bags. For those who enjoy ice sculpting and luges, ice can be packaged up to 300 pounds.

Before purchasing just any size ice block in Long Island, NY, there are some requirements that must be considered. Some of these requirements include the temperature, humidity, reason for the ice block, and the type of event. If the temperature is anywhere from 60 degrees to 80 degrees, in a party atmosphere, the amount per person is generally valued at one pound. If the same event has a temperature of over 80 degrees, the amount per person changes to one and a half pounds. If the day or night is humid, the ice will generally melt at a faster rate. Luges and sculpting projects clearly need more ice than a simple event. To find out how much ice is necessary for the event, contact Long Island Ice and Fuel to ask a representative