Fixed Outdoor Shower Enclosure Maintenance

Fixed Outdoor Shower Enclosure Maintenance



To remain an eye-catching feature outside the home, most external home fixtures and structures such as an outdoor shower enclosure need to be kept in good condition inside and out. The key is to have a suitable maintenance management plan if the enclosure is to be maintained and preserved in good condition for long term enjoyment.


If your outdoor shower enclosure enclosure has had little use over the cold and wet winter months it will most likely be overdue for a maintenance check and spring clean. As a first step in a maintenance program everything needs to be checked inside and outside the enclosure and if broken or damaged replaced. When everything has been inspected the interior will need to be completely scrubbed and wiped down including all shower fixtures, towel rail fittings, tiles and wall linings. A good cleaning detergent should be used and surfaces wiped dry with a clean cloth. If the external walls on the enclosure re made of timber they should also be wiped down with a cleanser that is safe for the environment, particular if the enclosure is positioned in or near a garden area and then hosed down. If dead leaves or other debris has collected inside the enclosures gutter a step ladder it will also need to be cleaned out. The roof will also need to be examined particularly if it is made of metal to see if there are any signs of rust. To remove surface rust (if detected) a stiff wire brush will need to be used and the newly cleaned area primed and painted with a good quality metal paint. If the outdoor shower enclosure is made from timber and there are any signs of damage such as chipped edges or exposed nail holes it will need to be touched up by filling the holes and any chipped area with wood putty. When the wood putty has dried it can then sanded back to leave a nice smooth finish ready for spot painting. Lastly, inspect the enclosures exterior paint work or wood stain (if stained) to see if it needs to be repainted or re-stained. If a repaint is necessary always use the same color paint or stain to ensure an exact match. Alternatively, if the enclosure was painted with an acrylic or oil based paint make sure a perfect matching paint is used to paint over any defects that have been patched.

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