Five Tips To Create A Nursery Space In The Master Bedroom

By Danica Reynes

The following are great tips you can consider to help you set up a nursery space in your master bedroom: choose multi-functional furniture, use a white noise machine to drown out other noise, match baby decor with the theme in your room, choose decor and furniture colors that harmonize with your master bedroom, and use a divider or a floor mat to separate the spaces.

Having a new baby in the family requires some adjustments at home. Putting up an extra space in your master bedroom and turning it into a nursery area is a wise thing to do especially when you have limited rooms at home. The following tips will help you create a nursery space in your master bedroom which is convenient for you and your baby:

Choose furniture which can be used in many ways

If you use multi-functional furniture, you can maximize the limited space you have in your bedroom. You can opt for a changing table that has drawers and the crib which has shelves so that it will take less space. There are also cribs with detachable changing compartments and other clip-on organizers. Besides saving valuable space, everything your infant needs is within arm’s reach and is well-organized.


Utilize a white noise machine to hush noises

Your master bedroom, unlike an exclusive nursery room, may contain noises that can affect your baby’s rest and activities. Noises coming from the television set, radio, and daily conversations can be reasons for your baby’s agitations. To drown out other noise in your room, use a Sound machine and make baby’s space in the room more conducive and soothing, especially at night.

Match baby decor with the theme in your room

To make your room pleasing to the eye, you can match the theme of your nursery space to the existing theme in your room. For instance, if your wall paper has leaf design, it’s better if you choose a garden theme for your nursery. Make the nursery area blend more with the rest of the master bedroom by decorating the wall with flowers, trees, and so on.

Coordinate your baby decors and furniture colors with your master bedroom

You don’t have to do the entire space in pink or blue tones. The main point here is to select infant furniture that matches whatever you already own. This way, it will be more pleasing to the eyes.

Use dividers or floor mats as separators

If you want to separate your area and the nursery area, a divider can be placed in your room or you can put a mat down on the floor in the nursery space. Although this may not be necessary, it can help give you and your baby the feeling of being inside another room once you step in and out of the nursery area.

You need not spend too much on furnishings nor worry unnecessarily about this tiny, yet lovely, project at home. Your imagination and creativity are the two essential requirements to let you produce a nursery area in your master bedroom and save space at the same time.

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