Emotional Appeals Increase Marketing Results

Emotional Appeals Increase Marketing Results


Rick Smith

Our minds store information in the form of images that are quick and easy for our minds to process when needed. These memory images, which are associated with feelings and emotions that are embedded at the time of the experience, can be recalled by the use of words, sounds, or pictures.


Subconscious emotional appeals can affect your marketing or advertising message is by unlocking the desired action of your ad readers or website visitors. Headlines, text copy, web design, and pictures can trigger the instant recall of stored memory images and the emotions related to those memories, which can be an important factor in making a buying decision. According to scientific marketing studies, logic alone is not enough for us to choose what to buy, but an emotional signal from the limbic system of our brain is needed to make a final buying decision. Logical thoughts from the neocortex, and emotions from the limbic system converge together in the prefrontal cortex, where decisions are made. That means in order to improve your conversion results, your advertising elements should target emotional appeals, not just rational benefits, to genuinely help people choose to your offer. Science confirms what many direct marketers have successfully employed for years, a key component of higher conversion rates is to slip past the logical gate keeper of the mind and trigger the desired emotional response stored in the memory images of the subconscious mind. Choosing the right emotional appeal for your marketing is critical to reach the hearts and minds of your target audience. Words in headlines and copy can be selectively arranged for maximum appeal to emotions that tie the benefit of your product or service to the specific needs of your customers. Emotional appeals include personal and social needs, such as: security, comfort, happiness, acceptance, self-esteem, status, achievement, saving money, or making money. These are basic underlying feelings that drive our decisions and buying behavior. It may be a need for financial security, which is associated with an image of a safe investments and insurance, or it could be a desire for status and achievement, reinforced by the mental picture of luxury possessions. Marketing and advertising can unlock memories through the use of unusual words, word rhythms and rhymes, colors or shapes, pictures, numbers, or symbols, which reveals the associated feelings of a previous experience, like the pleasant smell of food cooking, or a day at the beach. Appealing to an underlying desire that triggers an automatic memory image can cause an emotional response that reinforces logical thoughts, which converge and lead to a buying decision. Rather than using dull corporate speak, unfamiliar industry jargon, or selling how good you are, try tapping into the direct process of brain patterns and emotional images with sharp, specific, and relevant details that can sway the buying choices of your potential customers.

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Emotional Appeals Increase Marketing Results