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Education Institutions



Nowadays extra-school education institutions have become more and more popular in China. There are different kinds of education institutions. For example, if you want to improve your English levels and take TOEFL or IELTS exam, you can enter an institution specialized for English training; if you children want to learn something that he or she cannot obtain from school teachers, then you can find a lot of education institutions for children; if you are an adult and want to gain some extra-school certificates, such as the accounting certificate, computer certificates, the customs declaration certificate and so on, it is easy to find education institutions including these trainings.

I used to be a student in an education institution. At that time I wanted to get a customs declaration certificate, because I think it is very useful to an English major student. I remembered I got some books and exercise books which are owned to the institution. And every subject had its own teacher. Honestly speaking, these teachers were more humorous and relaxed in class. However, I didn t learn much knowledge about customs declaration. Maybe I was not careful and my ability of self-learning was very lacking. Anyway, I spent some money on getting some books and exercise books. And the end was I didn t take the exam, letting alone getting the certificate.


At the end of my college life, I became an intern in an education institution. It was small and special for children. I acted as an assistant and a secretary. I needed to take care of children and communicate with foreign teachers. Then I knew it was hard to look after children. They were full of energy, and even in class, they were noisy and naughty. Though they made me very tired, I liked them. I learned something in this institution as an intern, like how to get along with children, how to be an assistant and secretary.

Actually I don t know whether entering an extra-school education institution is helpful or not. Since there are so many education institutions, I think a lot of people believe them. They may have some advantages.

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