Build Your Own Hydroponics System

By Ann Marier

Those of you who are beginners in hydroponics may be very interested in how to build your own hydroponics system. Actually they want something easy to implement and if possible with fast results. But before you make up your mind to build your own hydroponics system you must decide what type of crops you will grow, vegetables, flowers, fruits or something else. To respond to the clients’ requests many companies that act in the hydroponics market edited various guides on how to build your own hydroponics system.

A brief description about the most known hydroponic system

You will appreciate the Ebb and Flow system if you are trying to build your own hydroponics system for the first time. It is not complex at all, in fact this is the right solution for those trying to learn about hydroponics. Generally speaking, the system is based on several reservoirs depending on the design you adopt, a timer that synchronizes a pump to flood the plants with the nutrients at a certain interval of time. If you decide to build the Ebb and Flow model consider the following parts: a flood tray, you must set on the size and shape according to your plans and a nutrient reservoir is also needed.


Under the circumstances you must calculate the needed volume according to the flooding intervals and the amount of liquid required for each flood, be careful to consider this component because if your reservoir would get empty the crops will be lost, also you must buy the Ebb and Flow fittings.

The tubings needed, all the pipes must respect you plan specifications so be consequent because not sticking to your planning can make your project a mess. A water pump is what keeps your crops alive so don’t try poor quality pomps that can practically compromise the crops. As you can see to build your own hydroponics system is no easy thing to do, but it’s not impossible either. The growing medium is another factor that needs to be considered when choosing what plants to have.

Is hydroponics an attraction

Hydroponics is attracting more and more people day by day because it is simply great to grow plants without soil and the problems it implies. Thirty years ago hydroponics was just beginning to be appreciated, and to build your own hydroponics system was considered a very difficult and bold task to accomplish. It was so hard to achieve because plastics were just at the beginning and prices were still high, but now you can acquire a cheap model for less than $200 so many began to appreciate how pleasant this hobby really is.

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