Bbq Techniques And Best Methods}

BBQ Techniques And Best Methods


Scott Morris

Barbecuing procedures

In terms of barbecuing, many people basically stick the meat on the grill and wait for it to cook.

This is whats called the direct grilling process.

And when if were anxious concerning serving undercooked meat in that case theres usually the temptation to hang about until its black externally beforehead of deciding on that its done.

Sadly this approach doesnt often lead to the most delicious outcomes.

There are numerous other ways that you may cook on a barbecue and many of them produce far more scrumptious effects than simply plonking your meat on the flame.

And so always be daring and experience a number of the following methods:

Indirect grilling

If grilling on a barbecue, most people place the meat onto the rack directly above the hot coals – this is called direct grilling.

There is an alternative called indirect grilling that may give very good results.

Indirect grilling means moving the hot coals to one area of the barbecue and adding your food on the other side, in order that the hot coals are not beneath the food.


This technique is comparable to roasting within a conventional stove and as such needs a tiny bit longer than direct grilling but is good for cooking bigger joints of meat, or for cooking things such as sausages which frequently burn on the outside in advance of they are cooked in the centre.

Additionally , it means that as the cook, you dont need to keep rotating the meat or perhaps concern yourself with it burning over the hot coals.

To work with this indirect grilling method, light your barbecue in the normal way and when the coals are ho and have turned white, push these to one side of your barbecue using a suitable barbecue tool.

Locate your drip tray on the other side on the barbecue (to catch all fat that drips from the meat) and put this meat above the actual spill tray.

Shut this cover of your barbecue and cook for the necessary time, turning when necessary.


Smoking food using a barbecue provides it with a distinctive smoky flavor and you may buy smokers specifically for this.

On the other hand, you can use your conventional barbecue for smoking, providing it features a lid.

This system needs you to generate a great smoky atmosphere within the barbecue so that the smoke circulates within the meat.

For this purpose, saturate a sizable handful of wood chips in cold water for at least 30 minutes

Strain your wood chips and put these at the center of a big piece of foil and fold the actual aluminum foil over the wood chips to produce a bag.

Next, stab a number of holes in the aluminum foil pouch; this will permit the smoke to escape.

Place your aluminum foil pouch in your barbecue, directly on the top of hot coals.

After the wood begins to smoke, put your meat onto the oiled rack, close the top and cook for the required period.


Steaming is an excellent way to cook seafood using a barbecue since it keeps the actual flesh pleasantly moist and also stops it from falling on the grill.

This technique works well with salmon fillets nonetheless will work for other forms of fish and will even be applied for cooking mussels.

To steam food in your bbq, have a sheet of tinfoil sufficient to create a pouch all over your piece of fish.

Lightly oil one side of your tinfoil, put the seafood in the middle and drizzle using marinade, if using.

Fold the tinfoil loosely about the fish to give your steam space to flow and close of the edges over solidly to avoid the actual steam from escaping.

Place the tinfoil package on your bbq and cook for the required period for your particular recipe or piece of seafood.


Braising means to carefully brown meat or even vegetables in fat before cooking gradually in a shut pot with a little water.

This can be done on a barbecue by browning the meat or vegetables upon the bbq grill prior to adding to the actual pan along with your liquid.

After that you can place the pan on the barbecue to cook, providing that the pan has the ability to resist the heat. If not, or even if you are restricted regarding room, you can always brown the meat on the barbecue after which complete the process using a standard hob.


Spatchcock is a method used for cooking poultry especially chicken however it may be used for some other birds such as poussin or perhaps quail.

An advantage of spatchcock is the fact that it means that you can cook a complete chicken on the bbq pretty quickly and easily.

You’ll be able to request your butcher to prepare your chickenen geared up to cook or you can do this yourself.

Basically, place the chicken, breast-side down, on a firm work surface and locate its backbone.

Slice entirely along each side of the backbone and remove the actual backbone. Next, flip the chicken over and push down to flatten as well as open it out.

Coat the chicken in an oily marinade (lemon, oil and garlic works well) to provide taste and stop it from sticking before placing it on the bbq.

Cooking times is determined by how big the actual bird as well as the heat of the barbecue but once carried out, this chicken should be slightly crisp on the exterior and any red juices should have entirely disappeared from the inside.

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