Anti Ligature Toilet Sink Combination For Correctional Facilities

By Patricia Holland

The toilet sink combination is ideal for any bathroom with limited space. Prisons, jails, and mental hospitals prefer these units because of their anti-ligature features. Other organizations with very limited room can also benefit from the convenience of an all-in-one unit that is easy to install and designed for efficient use of water. XPB Locker offers a number of units that are ideal for institutions where basic amenities must be combined into a durable form that conserves both space and water resources.

Combination sink and toilet fixtures are manufactured from type 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most vandal resistant materials in the industrial world. It is standard fare for anti-ligature fixtures used in correctional facilities because it is very hard to troubled inmates to damage, and almost impossible for them to break. Stainless steel combo units are also moisture resistant. Liquids do not absorb into its surface, and water evaporates very quickly before it can bead and form a breeding ground for bacteria. This quality makes the unit ideal for the tight confines of a jail cell where sanitation is always a concern.


The lavatory portion of the typical toilet sink combination features an oval bowl with multiple-hole fast drain air vents to prevent water from overflowing and spilling onto the floor. Soap dishes are molded into the countertop area and are self-draining. This prevents the buildup of soap scum and keeps the top of the unit dry during times of nonuse. Water management can be controlled with a variety of valve options. Ask your account representative about air metering, self-closing, pneumatic metering, and electric metering options.

Vandalism is not always directed at fixtures themselves, however. Any device connected to plumbing can be utilized by angry inmates or troubled patients who wish to flood their rooms with overflowing water. To prevent this, every toilet sink combination features blowout jet flushing. This method of flushing literally blows the contents of the toilet into the waste system with a force of 30 pounds per square inch. This is normally more than enough pressure to remove any items that a mischievous individual would attempt to stop the toilet with.

Toilet sink combinations also have built-in accessories that essentially combine all the features of a restroom stall into an all-in-one unit. Accessories feature anti-ligature, security designs that prevent them from being broken off for weapons manufacture. Standard features on most combo units include toothbrush holders, towel hooks, and toilet tissue dispensers. Ask your XPB Locker account representative about configuration and customization options pertaining to specific accessories for patient or inmate requirements.

Since the toilet sink combination is designed for maximum convenience and maximum security, it follows that it should also be adaptable to a variety of installation requirements. Plumbing systems reside either behind the wall or beneath the floor. Combo sink and toilet fixtures can be ordered for either wall mounting or floor mounting, and they can be installed easily in both new construction projects and facilities undergoing extensive remodeling.

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