Puppy Potty Training 3 Common Mistakes}

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Puppy potty training is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But if you avoid common mistakes in the beginning and exercise a little patience, it is much easier. What you do not do can be as important as what you do because early mistakes can draw the puppy potty training process out longer.

If you make mistakes early on, you will confuse your new pet and spend a lot more time cleaning! Here are a few mistakes in puppy potty training that you will want to do your best to avoid.


Puppies are a bit like children in the respect that they are habit driven and they only comprehend what you teach them. That means that when you are constantly changing the manner in which you train them, commands, rewards and such they can become confused and even a bit irritated. The bottom line is you will not get the results you are hoping for.

In everything that you do with your puppy be consistent. Come up with a pretty set routine in which everything is done the same way each time. When you take your dog to do his “business”, take them to the same location so that they begin to understand this is an acceptable potty area.


Schedule feeding time as well, since this helps you to know when they are likely to need a potty break. You should also monitor their behavior and take them out when you get the idea they need to potty. Scheduling their feeding time will pretty much schedule their potty time also.

Failing to Use Command Words

Failing to use command words is another mistake you want to avoid. This goes along with not being consistent. Command words are all a part of communicating effectively with your dog. With them he will know how you want him to perform.

The problem is dogs do not speak the same language that humans do, English or any other. Therefore you must use actions along with the command words to clarify to your pet what you are saying. There should be one correlating action for every command word or phrase. Never switch your command words up. You need to be consistent so that your pet is not confused.

The words you choose for commands are not as important as constantly using the same words for the same command. For example, let’s say you use the word potty when you want your pet to go to the bathroom. Tomorrow you should not say you want him to go the bathroom, or simply go now.

Whatever words you choose for potty should be used consistently. Keep in mind that dogs are creatures of habit and you need consistency when using command words to try to communicate your wishes to them.

Freedom Too Soon

Do not cut the leash too soon, so to speak. Your puppy should not have free reign of your home during the early stages of puppy potty training. In order to be successful training needs to be structured and well defined.

When your puppy is roaming around the house with no restrictions he will do business wherever. This is because he simply does not know there is another option. He has no other place to associate with going potty.

During the early stages of puppy potty training you will need to monitor him closely if you want to get him on the right road. As potty training progresses and your new puppy begins to understand where he can go and where he cannot you can let up and give him more reign in the home.

Puppy potty training is frustrating but it does not have to be. Training can be a bit more enjoyable by avoiding the common mistakes of allowing too much freedom too soon, not using command words and being inconsistent. Not only will this put you on the right track but also you will find puppy potty training goes quicker and smoother.

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