My Girlfriend Dumped Me How I Won Her Back

Submitted by: Steve Steiner

The first thing to burst into my mind as soon as my girlfriend dumped me was to contact her and then convince her to give me another shot. Things will be better this time. I’ve changed.. I’d come to my senses and recognized I needed to start treating her better. It’s alright for your ex to hang out together with her close friends from time to time and you’ve finally got your head on straight and trust her entirely. You’re prepared to take a step back and approve her some personal space. You realize that you’ve turned into a more loving guy.

You contact your girlfriend and she picks up the phone and acts nicely but tells you she does not believe you and that she should have a bit to think things over and choose. You feel a bit better and you hang up the phone, you start to feel a little more at ease. The following day you want to meet up with her and have coffee or something so you decide to get a hold of her once again. She cannot hang out since she’s getting together with a “guy friend” from one of her classes to do homework; possibly some other day could be better. It feels as though you have had your heart ripped out and you go mad hoping not to picture the two of them flirting over a Psychology textbook.


You start contacting her all day long and sending her messages and emails and begin to inundate her. Her first thought is that you have not changed a bit. You’re the same nagging, petty, insecure man you were when she dumped you. She makes a decision that the pain is not worth it and changes her telephone number, blocks you from her email and you feel alone and forgotten after screwing up your only chance to win her back.

I would sit in my car and check out her house waiting for her to show up just to see who she was with. I’d wait there for a long time holding out and when she finally appeared I’d straight away regret everything. The sight of the two of them together made me feel awful. I just couldn’t tolerate that reality that my girlfriend dumped me. I would attempt to figure out where she’d be when she would spend time with her friends and I’d “coincidentally” go there looking to talk with her and pull her away from her friends. She would become anxious the second she noticed me walk into the cafe or bar. She would whisper something to her friends and all of them would be gone during the next few minutes.

I do not want you to end up like I did. The fact of the matter is, you can win your girlfriend back, but you’ll need to be in control over it and you’ll have to have a quality strategy. Should you simply do what I did when my girlfriend dumped me, you are merely going to screw everything up.

However awful everything may appear, you can restore your relationship. You basically have to back away somewhat and allow her some personal space to ponder over everything and provide her time to actually miss you (you can count on it, she will certainly miss you sooner or later). My girlfriend dumped me and I made virtually every possible mistake in the beginning, but I soon got everything right and fixed our relationship before things got too far out of hand.

The first and smartest thing you must do, when you are feeling as if the breakup is making you shoving you over the edge is to just disconnect from your honey. Make the pledge to yourself to not phone her for 2 to 4 weeks. Work with this period to develop yourself and get yourself in order. This is what I did when my girlfriend dumped me, and it was a a changing point for everything.

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