Getting Started With Potty Training Your Puppy

Getting started with potty training your puppy


Kevin Medina

Unlike humans, animals like dogs have no sense of what is proper and what is not and that is why they do their thing anywhere they feel doing it. Having a dog is like having a kid already, you are responsible for its actions and damages if anything happens. That is why it is strongly encouraged that pet owners train their dogs so that they will behave well and in synched with the community. And so it is right to start it during your dog s puppy days. The first thing that you might want know is how to effectively puppy potty training.

Puppy potty training could be very hard if you are a first time dog owner or just new a new breed of dog. There are some dogs that may seem hard to handle so it takes time to get to know the dog. Puppy potty training is essential most especially if you are considering keeping your dog inside your house. You can just imagine how messy and smelly your house could be if you will not potty train your dog.


Accidents are also prone if your dog s soil is left unclean; you can step on it or can attract flies and cockroach which is really gross. To successfully potty train your puppy the first thing you should do is to observe your puppy, you get to know what are the patterns it is doing when he is about to go like if he is walking in circles, waggling its tail or seems to be digging.

Once you figure out your puppy s pattern you can then take it out of the house or out of the crane and wait for it to soil out of your house or a certain area of your house. Setting a schedule is a great way to potty train your dog, though it will take a certain amount of time to do it but it is worthy in a long run since you cannot just spend the whole day watching over your puppy. At first it may be tiring for you but be consistent and patient with your puppy who you can expect to be outrageous and energetic.

Aside from being consistent and patient with your puppy, you should always maintain the leader vibes in you which the puppy will sense and so it will follow you. If you let the puppy over power you for example letting him do what he wants just because he is barking consistently then the puppy will not honor you. And if your puppy didn t follow you, do not scold it but keep him in focus of your instruction.

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