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By Ronald Cringer

Many people grew up sleeping on conventional mattresses, which give support using springs and/or foams. Most of them are not comfortable and end up suffering from body pain. Some even witnessed their rheumatism, arthritis or other musculoskeletal problem worsening. Others simply don’t get enough sleep and as a result are not able to focus or have enough energy for the day. Luckily, water-filled beds were made and introduced.

Sleeping and Floating on Water

The idea of waterbed came from the feeling of comfort when floating on water. The floating fetus inside a womb also served as an inspiration for the making of the waterbed. Sleeping in such a bed definitely simulates the felling of floating. After all, the person is really floating on water having only sheets between them.

The Benefits


The benefits of waterbeds for comfortable sleeping have been in question. Many people believed that a waterbed does not give proper or sufficient support. They thought that a firm mattress is better because of its support. However, studies and experience showed that stiff mattresses especially those that do not even bend when you lie down result to unnecessary pressure points.

Pressure points occur when your body is in contact with a firm surface. Pressure is applied to those body parts. When you lie down on a firm mattress, lots of body parts get pressure including your shoulders, upper back, buttocks, lower thighs, calves and heels. Many people cannot sleep comfortably due to pressure points and it is common for them to suffer body pain especially back ache the next day.

Pressure points are avoided when sleeping on water-filled beds because it simply follows the body contour while also giving support. As a result, individuals who sleep on waterbeds sleep soundly. Even those with sleeping disorders like apnea and insomnia have seen improvement with the help of waterbed. The people who also suffer from rheumatism, arthritis and other musculoskeletal illnesses found relief.

Additionally, pregnant women are also recommended to sleep on this type of bed. The expected mothers generally cannot lie on their stomach and most of them are frustrated due to this limitation. Well, here’s a surprise. Waterbed makes it possible for pregnant women to sleep on their stomach. Small waterbeds are likewise recommended to newborn babies especially those who were born prematurely to give the feeling of floating.

Better Than Waterbed

With all those benefits of waterbed, one may think that there could be no better place to sleep on than a water-filled bed. On the contrary, waterbed’s successor known as air-filled bed proves to be better than its predecessor.

The air-filled beds give the same benefits of waterbeds except the feeling of floating on water for babies. The airfilled mattresses give the same comfort and feeling of floating (in air this time). There are also no pressure points and no body pains. It is also a good stress and body pain relief.

Moreover, it allows the users to control the softness or firmness remotely even while lying on the mattress. What’s better is that some airfilled mattresses now allow users to change the stiffness of parts individually. Having a side of the mattress soft and the other hard is now possible and this certainly benefits couples who disagree on how soft or firm their mattress should be.

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