Jg Roofing Keeps You Covered}

JG Roofing Keeps You Covered


Banks JohnstonThe one thing your home can’t do without is the roof. If your roof isn’t kept in good condition, or if disaster happens and your roof is unintentionally damaged, everything else in your home is at risk from internal structures to contents. This is especially true for flat roofs where consistent rainy weather is a factor. Flat roofs are fine structurally but they do have issues with standing moisture in rather more instances than pitched roofs that encourage water runoff. You should inspect your roof on a regular schedule to determine if any problems could be brewing. Check seams and joins where you roofing material meets up or overlaps to make sure nothing is giving way there. Check for low spots that are gathering and holding water on a consistent basis – these could be prime trouble spots for potential leaks. While flat roofs aren’t technically completely flat – they have just a little bit of slope – they are still prone to developing low areas, especially if the house goes through a settling period. If your roof material is a membrane style, check around chimneys or any other protrusions to make sure flashing is holding up properly. If you see anything out of line, it may be time to call for in-depth inspection and possible repair. Also inspect for tears or rips that could happen due to storms from flying debris. With a tiled roof, you are looking to make sure that all tiles are accounted for and in place. Anything that is out of alignment or missing is cause for that inspection/repair call. Take a close look at any roof regardless of material used and think about the age of the roof – at some point, all roofs need replacement or serious repair. Try to keep an objective eye during your walk around and know that you might need replacement if your house has some age on it. If you do spot trouble, you need to call JG Roofing as the roofers Kent home owners turn to for excellence in installation, repairs and for their great customer service. The professionals at JG Roofing will come out and perform a point-by-point inspection of your roof and determine if you are in a repair or replacement situation. Be careful to listen closely because while you might be provided with a repair solution, if replacement is really your best bet that is what they will advise. While your instinct may be to save money in the short term by opting for the repair, that could be the worst thing you could do to your home in the long term – JG Roofing experts will advise you, however it will be incumbent on you to really listen before making a decision. If you opt for replacement, or if you have already decided that replacement is what you want to do before you give them a call, you will find that JG Roofing exclusively uses EPDM membrane roofing systems for replacement. These roofing systems are rated for up to 50 years of service, so they are a great choice of materials. No matter what your go-forward plan ends up being, JG Roofing will have you covered in no time.

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