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Tips For Making Her Halloween Princess Costume Safe Warm And Fun!

As I’m sure most of you parents are aware, typically a disconnect exists between making your children safe on Halloween night and having the most fun on the planet. If you live in the colder climates, for example, you think your young superman or Little Bo Peep should wear a coat to keep warm, but that can ruin the whole effect of the costume for our little ones. Those beautiful glittery shoes are traded in for the more practical sneakers on the big night. What’s fun and magical about that?

If your little girl is planning on dressing up as a princess for Halloween this year, there are many ways to make her both safe as well as happy on that spooky night. You shouldn’t have to choose safety and warmth over fun. All you need to do is take some time in advance planning how to accomplish all of these objectives which will ultimately result in your little princess being the fairest one of them all.

When selecting a tiara or wand for trick-or-treating, you should consider options that light up. Not only do light up accessories make for extra fun for your little princess, but they will improve her safety as well. Now how magical will that wand or tiara be on Halloween night? If you plan on using a light up tiara or wand for trick-or-treating, you might want to consider purchasing a new one and setting it aside until Halloween since you don’t want the battery to run out in the middle of the evening when it’s needed most.

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In perusing the costume catalogs in the mail, you might be attracted to those long gowns that reach the floor. While these dresses are most definitely beautiful in the catalog pictures, try picturing your little girl running through the streets wearing this dress on Halloween. Not only will the dress get filthy, but more importantly, it is very likely that your little princess could stumble in this dress when running from house to house gathering her loot. Don’t be disheartened. Many very lovely princess dresses are available with hem lines that land mid-calf.

As we all know, wearing a coat over a Halloween costume is always frowned upon by our kids. So think ahead and make her costume fitting for the cold weather. If your child plans on wearing her princess costume in a parade or trick-or-treating when the weather is somewhat chilly, we recommend buying a cape or cloak to help keep her warm. These princess cloaks are offered in a variety of colors and styles and you’re sure to find one that matches her attire and meets your girl’s royal expectations. Another option to consider is choosing a princess gown with long sleeves. In most instances she can wear another long sleeve shirt under the costume making it doubly warm.

Her princess ensemble is only complete once she slips into those glitterly shoes. Unfortunately, the majority of princess shoes are not truly appropriate for Halloween. If you are contemplating sparkly princess footwear, just make sure to have her “break in” the shoes prior to the big night, because a princess with blisters is just not fun. Whatever type of shoes she chooses, just make sure that they fit securely on her feet. No slides with a heel because those will just result in a sprained ankle when running from house to house collecting princess treasures. A good dress up shoe option might be ballet slippers since those will surely stay “put.” However, they will not function well if the ground is the least bit damp. You could always choose to lug your princess around in her own carriage. Just transform the household wagon into a beautiful Cinderella carriage with streamers and pretty painted cardboard and voila you have the perfect royal vehicle.

So with just a little for-thought and some imagination, your little girl’s princess costume will be magical on Halloween. Only smiles, warmth, safety and lots of candy of course and her night will be a dream come true.

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Designer Mens Shirts Are They Really Affordable?

Designer Mens Shirts-Are They Really Affordable?


Lara Mingay

The demand for designer mens shirts has gained increasing popularity over the recent years. These shirts come in different variety of styles and colours that make them even more appealing. Gone are those days where only female clothes are displayed on runways on female models. Suits, jackets, shirts and other kind of male attires are now commonly seen on male models displaying for one designer outfit or the other. Also, it is now cheaper to order or have these designer clothes unlike what many men think.

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The question one might ask is how really affordable are these designer shirts? Designer mens shirts are more affordable now for the following reasons. First is the observation that there are quite a large number of designers now than they were a few years ago. This is where the theory of demand and supply comes in. Like other industries, when there are many players in the market, it will lead to competition which will ultimately result in price fall. Apart from that, many men designers are now targeting the average earning individuals due to their higher population. In your search for designer mens shirts, you should know that there are specific clothes for specific occasions and your attire should be in line with the particular place you are going at the moment. Usually, someone going for an office meeting should put on suits and not jeans or t-shirts meant for casual wears. If you are not really sure what to wear, you can always employ the services of a stylish and in no time you would get familiar with dressing for different occasions. If you would want to have a custom made shirt, look for a custom shirt maker in London and verify how much it will cost you. Usually, there are many of these designers so getting quality cord shirts or custom made shirts at an affordable price shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, what we wear is a clear reflection of who we are. And you can’t possibly give a reason for not attending to your clothing needs as lack of money. There are so many options available both for the high class and the average money earner to shop for designers shirts. If you are not really sure what to wear, you can always employ the services of a stylish and in no time you would get familiar with dressing for different occasions. If you would want to have a custom made shirt, look for a custom shirt maker in London and verify how much it will cost you. Usually, there are many of these designers so getting quality cord shirts or custom made shirts at an affordable price shouldn’t be a problem.

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Why Customer Service Metrics Matter

By Sam Miller

Customer service metrics are performance measures that will aid the company in realizing profits with every customer contact. With the right system and adequate employee training, profiting from every revenue opportunity would not be a problem.

Customer service, or client service, refers to the services accorded to customers before, during and after a purchase. These may come as a series of services that are meant to improve the customer satisfaction level of the target market. These supplemental services may be provided by employees like sales or service representatives or they may be provided by automated devices like self-service Internet sites and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) devices. As a response to tighter competition, a company gain competitive advantage by providing superior customer service. Recent advancements in technology have made it easier for companies to provide customer support to their customers. Some of the most common customer service tools used by companies are support websites, live chats with technicians, customer preferences databases, service levels specialist software and call centers. Companies have also devised various ways of obtaining customer feedback to help them improve their products and services.

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Various research undertakings have shown that good customer service is instrumental to having more loyal and happier customers. These studies also show that with satisfied customers come happier employees. Potentially, these two conditions will lead to increased profits and revenues because satisfied customers tend to increase their purchases and make recommendations to other people. Most customers appreciate having vendor support after spending their money on a product or service. Most companies provide this kind of support through face-to-face interactions like email, telephone calls, and chat. Often, the customers choose which interaction channel they are most comfortable with. Call centers or contact centers are often hired to provide this kind of customer support. Companies that are not capable of providing customer service often take advantage of outsourcing. To minimize operating costs, other companies use offshore call centers that usually operate outside of Europe and North America.

When asking about customer service standards that make some call centers stand out, replies such as, ‘Our target goal is to have 80 percent of calls answered within 30 seconds’ or ‘We strive to respond to all customer requests within 24 hours’ are very common. Indeed, customer service standards may differ from company to company depending on the call center capability and the interaction channels used. However, the bottom line of these services is that they enhance the experience of the customers with a specific brand. The interaction becomes an extension of the company’s relationship with the customer. In order to do this, employees should be properly trained so that they can effectively address the various concerns and problems of the customers.

To assess the effectiveness of the services provided to customers, managers use customer service metrics. These metrics will serve as performance indicators so that the company will know what needs to be improved and what needs to be maintained. Among these metrics, fast customer service resolution (FCR) rate stands out because of its correlation with customer satisfaction.

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How To Design And Print Your Own Business Cards

By Garry Neale

If you have the right computer software it’s not difficult to design your own free business cards – it’s really quite simple. No matter what program you use, the basic steps to carry out business card printing are essentially the same. The first thing you have to do is create a workspace. This involves setting the size of the card – most people set it to what the final size of the card is going to be – 85mm x 55mm, but you can set it to another size for the design process (A4) and then change it later, if you prefer.

With your blank page, use a box drawing tool to create the outline of the card and give the box a border stroke. Now you have to set up guides for the margins. A 5mm margin is your best bet, as anything that bleeds over the edge later on will be covered. Zoom in on the card so you can see better, and adjust the ruler at the top left corner of the card. This positions the card in the right place. Drag a guide to the 5mm position and the 80mm position, and do the same thing on the vertical, except put the latter at the 50mm position.

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The area you have shaded is where you’re going to work on the card and where you have to insert the different elements of your business card design. If you have a company logo all ready to go, import it now, but make sure you have the logo in the right format for printing. With free business cards that you make yourself, it’s important that the printing comes out properly. Now you can add your personal details.

Bleeds have to be added at this point to avoid problems with business card printing on a larger scale. If you plan to replicate your business card design hundreds of times, bleeding has the potential to occur on the edges of the cards. Bleeds allow you to stretch artwork or graphics on the card by 3mm so that cutting after the printing process doesn’t result in unsightly problems. Sometimes inaccuracies in the cutting of the cards results in bleeding, which has an unprofessional look, so it’s best to avoid it if at all possible.

When it comes time to print the free business cards, you have several choices. You can purchase business card printing and have a printing company take your design and print it, or you can print the cards yourself at home. The latter option may prove rather expensive due to paper costs and the amount of time it takes to do all the printing, but it works if you only need to print a small amount of cards. If you require a large batch, however, buying business card printing services for your business card design is probably the most cost effective way to get your free business cards ready for dispersal.

Business card design is pretty straightforward even if you don’t possess a lot of artistic ability. Anyone can do it, as long as you have a computer and some basic knowledge of business cards and how they are put together. Of course, you can use a business card template if you really need help. Business card templates make the entire process very easy because all you have to do is use the template as a basic starting point and then fill it in with your company’s information and logo. This is a good option for those who don’t have a clue where to begin with business card design, and would like to put something together that is aesthetically pleasing and conveys the right information.

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