5 Tips For Faster Breast Augmentation Recovery

By Rena Graham

It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, as the number of women seeking improvement in their bust line continues to increase. But aside from looking for the best surgeon or the right kind of implants, one of key factors for breast augmentation success is a good recovery process.

How you recuperate is essential to how the final outcome will look like, and this part of the process is for the most part, your responsibility. You have kept a strict after care regimen to ensure a timely and uncomplicated road to recovery.

Tip #1

Listen carefully or take notes on the surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

As part of patient education, the surgeon will give you post-operative instructions during one of your consultations. There may be a bunch of them and some surgeon may even have special instructions of their own, therefore it pays to jot them down to remember each instruction better. Obey the limitations, restrictions and special instructions to ensure that you heal faster and that you can enjoy optimum results.


Tip #2

Prepare your body weeks ahead the surgery.

The surgery is often scheduled a few weeks ahead, and with that gap in between, this is the right time for you to make yourself healthy. Eat right, hydrate yourself adequately and prevent any blood thinning foods and products. And if you are fond of smoking, caffeine and alcohol, then you might want to put this off if you don’t want to sacrifice the results of your breast augmentation surgery. The reason is that they prolong healing and increases the risk for bleeding.

Tip #3

Buy your compression garments ahead of time.

It is always often the protocol that you should wear a compression garment after the surgery. This is to prevent fluid build-up which causes swelling. In effect this promotes faster healing and less chances for bruising. But you don’t have to wait until after the surgery for you to prepare your compression garments. Buy them ahead of time and make sure that you have more than one, because soiled ones should be changed to prevent infection.

Tip #4

Buy the right kind of bra.

During the early stages of healing, it would be advisable to wear bras that soft cupped bras, preferably those with front hooks making it easy for you to put on. This would have to be the right fit to ensure good circulation and to avoid pressure on the wound, which is sometimes placed along the contour beneath breast. This will only be for temporary purposes, but when the swelling has subsided and your breasts are in their exact size, this is the time for you to go shopping for a bra for your new bust size.

Tip #5

Perform post breast augmentation exercises.

Breast augmentation exercises, also known as breast massages, are necessary as it results to a more natural looking breast. It also keeps the breast softer to touch and it helps position the implants more centrally. But you have to discuss this first with your surgeon as some post breast augmentation exercises are not appropriate for certain kind of implant placements.

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